How To Keep A Clean House With Little Kids

clean house

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Life with little kids is wonderful, fun, and messy. If you ever met another mom who says their children always pick up their toys and never spills their chocolate milk on the floor, they are probably lying. clean houseChildren are just little people. But they come to us void of any knowledge of how we care for our things and each other. It is a parent’s job to teach them these skills. The sooner you begin, the better. We will give you a few tips on how to keep your house clean in spite of your little ones.

Where do you begin?

Even very young children are able to follow some basic rules. At first, you will have to remind them. Once they know how to pick up after themselves, if they defy the rules, they must suffer the consequences. Read on. Note: never get show frustration or anger with your child about not picking up. You follow your own rules and remove the toys. This is a teachable moment, not a punishment.

Establish rules that your child can easily do. This would be like picking up toys, putting the art paper and markers, Explain these rules over and over again until they remember. Below, you will see some easy tips that will help you keep a tidy house even with the little ones around.

  • Give the kids an area they are allowed to play in.

This can be their rooms, in the living room or even on the patio. Explain that they can play with any of their toys, but they will have to pick up whatever they brought in.

  • If it is left on the floor, it’s gone

Children will be children. Once they have played with their toys, they do not want to put them away. Here is how to fix that.Buy each child their own (and unique) basket. You can stop by the dollar store and buy each of them a different color clothes basket.  (Buy a third basket that is a bit larger than theirs for your use.)toysUse the baskets to bring the toys to the play area and again to put them away.

  • Like a boss

Assign one child to be “in charge” for 10-minutes. They will be more motivated to ket the others in line because they like being in charge. The next time the children go to play, select a new 10-minute boss. When your children are finished, take your basket and pick up everything they left. To get these items back, they must earn them by doing a household chore.

  • Let the children help when you make your DIY all-purpose disinfectant.

Collect small spray bottles for each child. Put one cup of water and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil inside and shake. This spray kills viruses and repels bugs and spiders. It leaves a minty smell in the air. Show your child which toys should be wiped down to kill germs. Give them some paper towels and let them clean their own toys. If the smell of Peppermint is too strong, bring it down a bit and add more power by adding a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil in your spray bottles. The combination of these two fragrances will lighten the mood. They are known for being a natural mood enhancer. The 10-minute boss and the making of spray cleaners (and using them) will soon become a favorite part of play time. Peppermint is good for the stomach and anxiety. Peppermint Essential Oil is a natural pain killer. Click here for Peppermint Essential Oils strategies. It is possible to raise small children while keeping a home in order. It takes commitment and patience. Use your imagination and look for ways to make things easier. Until then, have fun and don’t stress, just create the family you want to be.