Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids

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Are you looking for the best dog breeds for small kids?

Dogs are an excellent way to teach your child about love, friendship, and compassion. If you let your child take care of the dog, they’ll also learn responsibility.

However, some dogs are better than others, especially for small kids. This leads us to ask: what is the most child-friendly dog?

Dogs teach children important values like responsibility, friendship, compassion, and love.

Here are ten of the best breeds for small kids:

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With their reputation as sports dogs, Cavaliers enjoy the company of small kids. By nature, this breed is sweet and gentle — even to strangers. Obedient to a fault, this breed possesses impressive agility and can look after your kids if properly trained.

If you have other pets in the house, a cavalier will effortlessly and naturally bond with them. They’re also people-pleasers who can tolerate all the drama that a household may bring.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Bulldog


The bulldog is one of the best small dog breeds out there because they love children. Don’t judge them by their tough-looking faces. They may have the look of a gangster that’s perpetually pissed, but it’s actually the look of intense love.

This breed will look after your kids as if they were their own. Their mellow and gentle temperaments can make them your tot’s sweetest companions. They are eager for attention and enjoy the company of humans and other pets, however, they aren’t too fond of strangers.

Calm and dependable, they are sociable and at their happiest in family settings that have small kids running around. A bulldog looks like a tough gangster, but inside is a gentle and mellow heart.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Bulldog Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

What is the easiest family dog to have? The golden retriever is a no-brainer for families that are ready for a dog. Chill, laid-back, and protective, the golden retriever is another pet that gets along famously with families. They are trustworthy too so you can relax even when they’re around small children.

Known for their high IQ and awesome temperaments, golden retrievers are fun to train and are low-maintenance. They love toddlers and babies, and are sympathetic comforting pets to have around. Ideally, you can introduce a golden retriever to your kid as a puppy so they can grow up together and share many loving memories.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Beagle


What is the best small breed dog for a child? The beagle. Don’t get turned off by its high energy levels though. Beagles are good with kids.

The other side of a beagle’s personality is calm and intense tolerance. They can be easy-going when it’s your child’s naptime and can just as easily switch into hyperactivity when it’s playtime. This is why this compact-sized dog is in high demand among families.

The beagle’s exuberance, chill vibe, and overall adaptability makes them the best dog for scared children. They readily sense what their human companions need and respond accordingly.

Need a dog that can keep up with play and naptime? Consider adopting a beagle.


Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids pug


Classified by the American Kennel Club as a toy breed, the pug is one of the best dog breeds for small kids. With their inquisitive eyes that seem to be begging for answers, adorable head tilts, and funny antics, this breed lives to be in the company of their humans, including small children.

Getting a pug is like acquiring a new shadow — they follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom. They get lonely when left alone but will tolerate it because they’re such nice dogs. Whether you live in a McMansion or in a tiny apartment, a pug doesn’t care as long as they can be with you.

Kids will delight in the pug’s fun-loving temperament and how it’s always ready to play. Just protect its small body and bulging eyes from too much rowdiness and you’ll get along splendidly.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Don’t be intimidated by the tall and elegant Irish setter. Despite appearances, this family dog is friendly, alert, and without a hint of aggression, making them great buddies for your child that you’ll feel safe to have around.

With its impressive long neck and legs, and characteristically floppy ears, you may find them too big for a small child, but they’re super friendly and will never hurt a child. This makes them great family pets.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Newfoundland


Newfoundlands are big dogs with big hearts and one of the best dog breeds for kids. A giant dog that often seems bigger than its humans, it enjoys the company of playful kids because they are equally as playful!

Originally bred as working dogs for fishermen, this dog has a sweet and protective nature. They’ll readily protect your children and be their best friend. Sometimes referred to as Newfie, Newfoundlands will look after your child and prove themselves worthy of the task. Their great empathy for kids makes them loving companions.

Newfoundlands are gentle giants who love playtime!

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers

are dog breeds with the best temperaments. As early as the 1990s, they’ve been regarded as one of the most loving breeds with low levels of aggression. Labs enjoy being petted and enjoy the high energy of little children.

Friendly and affectionate, labs can suit any kid’s personality. A wild kid can even climb on a labrador’s back, shower it with intense hugs and kisses, and your lab will take it all in with joy and patience. While this breed is tolerant, kids should still be taught not to provoke or hurt the dog.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Collie


The adorable collie will protect and watch over your kid. It has an innate sense of “stranger danger” and will readily become alert and suspicious when an unfamiliar person approaches your toddler.

With proper training from a loving home, a collie can be your kid’s best friend, defender, and playmate. Highly intelligent and possessing a jolly and sensitive nature, you can count on a collie for long-time companionship.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids Poodle


Poodles are one of the most child-friendly dog breeds. Although they can be haughty and a bit high-strung, they enjoy playing with small kids. If your child has allergies, poodles are a great breed. They’re unlikely to cause sneezing fits since they rarely shed.

Toy poodles are the most popular type of poodle for small kids because they are sociable and high-spirited. However, don’t be too rowdy with these toy dogs as they can easily get hurt.

Poodles are a great choice if you have family members with allergies or asthma.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Kids

Final Thoughts

If your child is looking for a canine companion, these are ten of the best dog breeds for small kids. Taking care of a dog and learning to care about one will teach your kid many invaluable lessons and values, not to mention, they’ll also share wonderful memories as they grow older together.