The Netflix Of Baby Books: BabyLibrary


My nieces and my favorite (only) nephew love books! When visiting, I’ve found myself reading them the same books over and over again. I make mental notes that books would make great gifts, but books are also expensive!

I remember going to the library to new (to them) books for my kids when they were little, but it also helped that their grandmother worked there to remind me to return them on time! Nowadays parents are busier than ever and don’t seem to have time to go to the library.

Luckily for them, there is BabyLibrary – the Netflix of baby books! They select the most liked book titles for ages 1 – 3 and  deliver them in batches to your home according to your child’s age. Each delivery has 5 books, and when you are done reading them, they’ll send you a new batch. All of their books are in pristine condition and recirculated to approximately 5 parents, reducing the book cost and carbon footprint by 80%.  When the books are after their new state, they donate all of them to children who can’t afford even used books, where they’ll be read many more times.

Hiram, father of 2-year-old Chris, originally started a book sharing club amongst parents/friends. Through word of mouth, more and more parents were interested, and thus BabyLibrary was born to allow parents to spend more time reading to their children while helping the environment.

They are now offering a Holiday Gift Package – great Christmas gift idea!