Throwing an Inexpensive Baby Shower

Inexpensive Baby Shower

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If you’re on the hook for planning a shower for your sister or a friend who is soon to be a mother, but you don’t have a lot of cash, you might be a bit worried about how you’re going to pull off a classy affair without breaking the bank. And indeed, between invitations, decorations, food, games, and gifts you can easily spend more than you originally intended to host the event. But as with just about everything else in life, there are tons of ways to make the day beautiful and special while still managing to stick within your budget. Here are just a few ideas you may want to try.

1. Invitations

You might be surprised by the beautiful baby shower invitations you can put together without shelling out for a professional. You can pick from a wonderful selection of blank cards at your local craft store or those with baby graphics at stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Then you either fill them out by hand (get a calligraphy pen for effect) or make a template on your computer and run them through the printer (envelopes too) for a look that guests will never guess was made at home. Don’t forget to include information on where the expectant mother is registered.

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2. Party Decorations

Some people go way over the top with elaborately themed parties, lavish decorations, or loads of balloons. Do not waste your money! The mom-to-be will love whatever you do and you can still impress if you’re willing to put in the time. Instead of expensive fresh-cut flower arrangements, fill vases with paper flowers. All you need are a couple of stencils (draw flat flowers in different sizes), a stack of magazines or colored paper, and some pipe cleaners. Assembly is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of balloons, make colorful paper airplanes or origami figures and hang them from the ceiling with tacks (or tape) and fishing wire. And look online for more great craft ideas that are cheap, easy, and sure to impress.

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3. Food

The best way to cut costs in this area is to host a potluck. These days, everyone will understand if you don’t want to take on the considerable cost of catering a party. So if you’re doing a themed event, let the other ladies know what they should bring. Otherwise, just go for the traditional finger foods. And remember that you don’t have to account for the cost of alcohol, so think about splurging a little on a truly decadent dessert.

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4. Baby Shower Games

You might be surprised how much the games can cost you, especially if you’re playing “Guess the number of diapers” (in a bin) or “Guess the baby item” (where blindfolded guests hold a baby item and guess what it is). Instead of games where you have to buy a lot of props, opt for ones like “How well do you know Mom?” (where you answer questions about the expectant mother) and “Baby Trivia” (research online to find questions and answers about baby that will be useful to mom and interesting to guests). For other entertainment, put together a playlist of only songs that use the word “baby”.

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5. Party Favors

This is another one where a little creativity could save you a lot of money. Since you’ll likely be catering to a group of ladies, think about party favors that will suit them. Bath products are common, and if you want to save on gift baskets, pick up a variety of soaps, bath bombs, and even colorful nail polish bottles; and pack them up yourself.

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