Sleeping Bags for Babies?

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Some parents see sleeping bags for their tots as restrictive cocoons in which their babies develop an unnatural sense of claustrophobia. Others see them as a safety harness from which their young ones absorb warmth and as a bud from which they blossom. It has to be said, that based on experience, most lean towards the latter. As a more natural resemblance of the womb from which they came, babies have an automatic connection with their homely bed-time wrap.

The more common knitted blanket remains not only a hand-made baby shower gift from the more talented of acquaintances, but it also provides an element of warmth for the new-borns. But many parents see these as unfashionable hand-me-downs which are only pet-worthy for the single parent family. It’s sometimes uncouth to admit that the fashionable ‘baby bag’ is one of the more acceptable must-haves of the twenty-first century. It should be raised, though: what will happen to tradition? Will it dissolve with the moving times? Of course not. Sleeping bags have existed for centuries. It’s no fad!

Some people believe baby sleeping bags are restricted to the bedroom. How wrong they are! There are so many products out there on the market at the moment, that you could probably buy one for every day of the week; any occasion! Many current sleeping bags take the form of baby grows, dresses, T-shirts and vests. Most mums would see these inventions as killing two birds with one stone, and they’d be right to. Many take their prams onto the high street, and have no shame in admitting that the sleeping bags have provided the perfect answer to the age-old question “what should I pad this with?”. Some will grab a pillow, or some other bulky, uncomfortable bed dressing that they have to constantly tuck in, most would think… toddler sleeping bag!