Instant Baby Sleep - White Noise and Womb Sounds for Relaxation of Babies

Moms Around the World Praise Seybat Apps’ Various Baby Sleeping Apps

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Instant Baby Sleep - White Noise and Womb Sounds for Relaxation of Babies

With three innovative sound apps to help mothers put their babies to sleep, inventive baby sleep apps by Seybat Apps© have garnered wide-spread acclaim with over 800,000 downloads.

Based in Izmir, Turkey, developers at Seybat Apps© are now proud to announce that their sleeping apps for toddlers have now been downloaded more than 800,000 times collectively. Owned by Turkish tech-whiz Batuhan Gundogdu, the company focuses on creating apps that mothers can use to relax their babies and make them fall asleep faster. The company currently boasts three baby sleep apps in their repertoire, all of which have apparently received shining feedback from users.

Instant Baby Sleep: White Noise and Womb Sounds for Relaxation of Babies was the first baby sleep app developed by the company. Garnering over 600,000 downloads single-handedly and becoming one of the top-10 health and fitness apps in over 24 countries, Instant Baby Sleep prompted the development of its two following counterparts.

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“This worked great for my 4month old. She even sleeps without being rocked anymore now. I put the airplane noise because when we went on our first family trip, She fell asleep the whole 4 hour flight,” states an app user in her iTunes review.

Instant Baby Sleep includes various white noise baby relaxing sounds including womb sounds; these sounds have been proven to reduce stress in babies and help them fall asleep faster. Other offerings from Seybat Apps© include Instant Baby Dream: Lullaby and Sleeping Sounds and Instant Baby Sleep Bouzouki for Colic Babies.

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While Instant Baby Dream boasts a collection of soothing lullabies for babies along with a 3 hour lullaby mix, Instant Baby Sleep Bouzouki is stated to have been especially designed for colic babies. Developers at Seybat Apps© have reportedly worked with professional bouzouki artists over an extensive period of time to specifically develop rhythmic sounds that help sooth colic babies. The app comes with three different white noise and high-quality womb sound settings that have unique Bouzouki rhythms in the background; these sounds have been proven to help colic babies stop crying, relax and fall asleep easily.

More details about the apps and their features can be seen on iTunes. All three of the apps can be downloaded free, with premium sound features that are available with in-app purchases.

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A spokesperson for the company made an official statement for the press to announce the achievement “Here at Seybat Apps©, we are proud to announce that our baby health apps have now been downloaded over 800,000 times, which is big milestone for our company. With lots of research and development, we have been able to create innovative sound apps that are beneficial for parents and babies both.”

The spokesperson further added to his statement “Our apps include an array of baby relaxing sounds and rhythms that are also known to reduce stress in parents. We urge parents to try our innovative baby apps that are unlike anything else on the market today.”

More details about Seybat Apps and their baby sleep apps can be seen on the company’s official iTunes page.