Ideas For Rewarding Your Kids For Good Behavior

Rewarding Kids Good Behavior

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It’s not every day your kids are on their best behavior and impress you, and that’s why it’s important to praise them when they do act properly and let them know you notice and appreciate their efforts.

Rewards often go over nicely with children and using them allows kids to understand when what they’re doing is good and to do more of it. The trick is to have a few ideas up your sleeve for rewarding them when they act appropriately. You want to have these handy, so you’re not delaying for too long after the good behavior and miss your window for a teaching opportunity on how to act.

Time with Their Friends

One idea is to give your kids more time with their friends. For example, allow them to have a sleepover if they’re normally not allowed to participate in this type of event. You could also let them play longer at a friend’s house or have people over for a special evening of fun and games. Sit down and discuss what more time with their friends looks like to them and come to an agreement about what their reward will be.

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New Clothes

Use this as an opportunity to get your kids to care about how they’re presenting themselves each day and to adopt a style of their own. Agree on a budget upfront, so there’s no arguing once you get going. Sit down together and pick out items online from a trendy shop like Nicki’s where you can learn more about different designers and what’s currently hot in kids’ fashion. This is not only a way for you to help your child update his or her wardrobe, but also a great bonding opportunity between the two of you.

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An Activity of Their Choice with You

Praise your child by offering to spend more quality time together and participating in an activity of their choice. You can see a movie, take a trip to the playground or sit down and work on arts and crafts. Suggest a few ideas, but ultimately leave the final decision of what you do up to them. It is also a good chance to strike up an in-depth conversation with your child and learn more about them and what’s going on in their life.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

When your kids demonstrate good behavior, offer to cook them their favorite meal. This way you can gather as a family and enjoy dinner together as a group. Sit down and come up with a menu as a team, so you know exactly what they want to eat. It’s also a good idea to have a dessert prepared for a little extra treat. Cooking their favorite meal is a good way to incorporate a food incentive without focusing on eating junk food as a reward.

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Be attentive and aware when your kids do a good job and reward them appropriately. Use these ideas as a way to get the ball rolling in your home. It’s likely they’ll take your praise and continue to impress you even more as time goes on.