Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts When Cleaning

Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts When Cleaning

Pregnancy is a special and unforgettable experience for every woman and requires her devotion and attention to every activity that she initiates. Probably you have heard about all the things that pregnant women are not allowed to do because they need to ensure the best protection of the baby and in this article you will receive further details for the pregnant women who want to provide the cleaning duties without any preoccupations. It is true that every pregnant woman needs to be extremely careful when performing such activities, however, it is still possible to perform some of them, as long as you take into account the following tips.

If the woman feels in an excellent condition during pregnancy, there is nothing wrong to take part in the cleaning duties. Some pregnant women become really keen on cleaning, as they do not work and have more free time to devote on different activities. Reading this article will help you to understand more about the do’s and don’ts for pregnant women who provide the cleaning duties in their homes even when they are pregnant:


  • You can take up with the removing of the dust in all of the rooms. This activity requires less efforts and all you need is a clean microfibre towel
  • You can wash the dishes if that makes you feel relaxed. Of course there is no need to spend the whole day in the kitchen but there is nothing wrong to diverse your day by this activity
  • You can use the vacuum cleaner as long as it is not heavy for you
  • You can clean dirt and stains from the surfaces in your home by using protective gloves
  • You can arrange the rooms in your home without providing complicated décorations or any construction work


  • You cannot use any cleaning products that are toxic or any strong detergents that may cause allergy or other problems with health
  • You shouldn’t provide windows cleaning that requires using of a ladder  because if you fall from it you can hurt your baby as well as yourself
  • You should not start  with the household duties without finding the right equipment. Find appropriate gloves and clothes that will protect your body and skin from the influence of the cleaning products
  • You shouldn’t use any heavy items or cleaning equipment during the process of cleaning
  • You shouldn’t take up with time consuming cleaning procedures because during pregnancy your body gets tired easily

If you want to be sure that the cleaning products won’t cause any allergy to your skin, you can try some homemade products, thanks to which you will be able to get rid of the stains and dirt in an effective way. As long as you have white vinegar, baking soda and some lemon juice, you will be able to ensure safe cleaning process during the pregnancy. It is essential to be extremely careful when taking up with the household duties in your home, while you are pregnant because during that period woman tends to be more vulnerable towards outer influences.

Of course, you can still provide a great part of the cleaning duties that require less efforts and time, in case you enjoy mopping, vacuuming and removing of the dust. Otherwise, you can relax by reading your favourite book or by just taking a nap – no one will blame you for that because after all pregnant women are not supposed to be hard working and motivated to provide diverse duties in home.