Creating A Gender-Neutral Nursery

For thousands of years, moms and dads across the globe had to wait until the moment their baby was born in order to find out whether they had a precious baby girl or boy. Today, modern technology allows many parents to discover the gender of their baby during pregnancy, and subsequently plan a nursery filled with pink ribbons and bows or trucks, cars and every shade of blue.

Your Baby's Nursery

Most of today’s baby products are designed specifically for boys or girls, leaving expecting parents who want to be surprised flustered by the lack of options. However, it’s still possible to create a cute, cozy and comfortable gender-neutral nursery. These tips will help you get started.

Choose a Theme

A theme gives your nursery a focus, according to Lullaby Paints. It can help tie all of the elements of the room, and also sets the atmosphere. For example, if you want a room to feel cool and inviting for the baby, you may want to do a gender-neutral nursery with a sea life theme. Using sea creature bedding and prints for the wall, you can design an adorable room that is perfect for any little boy or girl. A few other gender-neutral themes to consider include the ABCs, Noah’s ark, Mother Goose nursery rhymes, balloons, the moon and stars, or even the zoo. Take the time to select a theme that means something to you, and that will be stimulating and exciting for your little one.

Incorporate Gender-Neutral Colors

One of the biggest benefits of designing a gender-neutral nursery is that you get to utilize some of the most warm and nurturing tones in your color palette. While transitioning into life outside the womb, your baby will love the feeling of peace and security that he/she gets from a peaceful room. Many of the most popular gender-neutral colors will achieve this goal, and will provide your baby with the space he/she needs during those first important days of life. 

About Home notes that beige is a popular color for gender-neutral nurseries, but it’s certainly not the only option for parents who don’t know whether they are having a boy or a girl. Beige, tan, chocolate brown and ivory are all wonderful options, but you also can use many different colors within your gender-neutral nursery. Most often, people think of pale yellow and mint green, which are the traditional colors of gender-neutral baby items. Other color choices to consider include gray, orange, teal, turquoise, red or white.

Leave Room For Personalization

Despite what all of your family members and friends-turned-parenting-experts may say, you don’t need to have everything ready before your baby arrives. Once you have painted the walls and assembled the crib, you can leave room for personalization. You may want to place a special picture frame with a photograph of your newborn baby on the dresser, or you could decorate the wall with the baby’s name after you come home from the hospital. At this point, you can add hints of gender-specific decorating items, like a pink picture frame or blue letters mounted on the wall. This allows you to make the gender-neutral nursery a special place for your little one that can be modified in the future, should you decide to have more children.

There are many benefits when creating a gender-neutral space. You have the opportunity to design an environment that is perfect for those first important years of your child’s life. Enjoy this time, because you’ll get to indulge in all things baby. As your newborn grows and develops, you will likely be moving him/her into a room designed for a preschooler or school-aged child, and then you can have fun with all of the gender-specific decorating themes. In addition, if you plan to have more children, you can use your gender-neutral nursery again. This is practical and cost-effective, and the nursery will become an heirloom of sorts. What’s more, it will become a precious space to you — the room in your home where you were able to comfort and nourish all of your children.

Emma Valle is the customer service manager at Baby SuperMall carries a wide online selection of bedding and decorations to help you create the perfect nursery.