Pink or Blue? Predict Your Baby’s Gender

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Congratulations! You just found out you are pregnant, I am sure one of the first things to cross your mind is “I wonder what this baby is… a boy or girl?” The question is typical among parents expecting and most times when the pregnancy reaches 20 weeks gestation your doctor will order an ultrasound where you can find out whether you will have a little boy or little girl. What about if you can’t wait though, are there any reliable baby gender prediction sites or strategies or old wives tales out there you can use?

For me personally, I have to say I always liked the ancient Chinese gender predictor as they have been correct with all three of my children and the fourth is yet to be determined. The Chinese gender chart takes your age when you conceived and the month you conceived to predict whether you will have a boy or girl. There are many other little tricks, tips, and ideas on how to predict the baby’s gender though, ways such as…

  • Skin – how your face, skin, and hair changes during pregnancy – some say those carrying girls will have more skin problems.
  • Mood changes – those carrying baby girls are said to be much more emotional during pregnancy
  • Belly shape (or how you are carrying) – carry high they claim a girl, carry low they claim a boy
  • Belly softness – if your belly remains soft you will have a girl, if it gets tense you will have a boy
  • Leg hair growth – said if you are pregnant with a boy your leg hair will grow quicker
  • Japanese Gender Chart – the same concept of the Chinese chart only taking into account the fathers birthday too.
  • Ring test – how the ring hung over the belly swings
  • Key Test – used to predict depending on how the unaware mother grabs the key
  • The Name Test – if the soon to be parents can only agree on one name for one gender it is said that is the gender of the baby.

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There are literally hundreds of other baby gender predictors out there including Chinese birth charts that can predict gender. What’s interesting is that many of them have been scientifically proven correct.

Whether you have gender preference or not, it can be a fun little game you and your partner play before finding out what your baby’s gender is whether you are choosing to find out before the birth or after it’s sure to be a wonderful surprise.

Pink or Blue? Predict Your Baby's Gender

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