Chinese Birth Charts Can Predict Baby Gender

Chinese Birth Charts Can Predict Baby Gender

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3 Different Ways to Accurately Determine the Gender of Your Baby Using a Chinese Birth Chart

Many claim that the Chinese birth chart is over ninety percent accurate as tested by many people over the years. There are, however, different ways by which others deem it to be more accurate. Some say that it is enough to put the date the baby is conceived and the age of the mother during conception, while others argue to use the Chinese Lunar calendar in the date and the mother’s Chinese age, or even include the location of the parents for a more accurate prediction.

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A Chinese birth gender chart is said to predict the gender of your baby by providing certain details, whether you are currently pregnant or planning to have a baby. Its history is deemed to be coming from a tomb in ancient Beijing some 700 years ago. While the formula was basically interpreted to predict by providing the month your baby is conceived and your age as a mother during conception, there are new arguments arising on what information is really needed to come up with a more accurate gender prediction. The following are different ways by which you will accurately know the gender of your baby using a Chinese gender birth chart:

1. Give Basic Information

At first, it was said that you need to provide the month your baby was conceived and your age during conception. Once you have these two details, refer to the Chinese birth chart below and see where these two meet to find out whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

Chinese Birth Chart

Free Baby Kit
Free Baby Kit

Chinese birth chart

2. Include Your Timezone

Some experts agree to include your location’s timezone with your information. This will more accurately determine the date your baby is conceived and even your age at the time of conception.

3. Use Chinese Lunar Calendar and Your Chinese Age

In determining the month your baby is conceived, it is advised to use the Chinese lunar calendar to find the accurate month of conception. Your age at the time of the conception must also be your Chinese age.

Chinese Birth Chart Conception

There are certain websites, such as, that can help you come up with the Chinese lunar month and your Chinese age during the conception of your baby.

Some websites that offer you gender prediction through a Chinese birth chart often mention that even though the predictions are said to be highly accurate, they will not be responsible for any mistake. Parents usually take this quiz just for fun or to test whether it really matches with the baby they now have.

Chinese Birth Charts Predict Baby Gender