How to Painlessly Move with Children

How to Painlessly Move with Children

If you’ve definitely decided that you’re going to move, now comes the part where you need to tell the kids. Typically, children don’t like moving, especially if they have already started preschool or school and they made friends and developed relationships. If you approach the subject from the right angle and involve them in the process of moving, you can make the transition much easier. Follow these steps in order to make your move as painless as possible.

Have a family meeting

First thing after you’ve decided to move should be to hold a family meeting. Make the atmosphere relaxing and pleasant and get ready to talk to your children. Explain the reason why you have to move and emphasize how excited you are about taking this step. If you’re moving because of your job, explain how happy and proud you are to follow your dreams. Make them feel free to share their feelings and worries. If this is their first time moving, describe your own moving experiences and explain the process. Encourage them to ask questions and help them during the move.

Involve them in the house selection process

Especially if you have older children, try to include them in the selection of their new home as much as possible. If you have found 2 or 3 houses that fit your requirements, ask the kids what they think. Take them to see their potential homes and show them the neighborhood. Get them to make a list of pros and cons for every home and then decide together as a family. When you definitely decide, throw a little party to celebrate.  

Make a goodbye party

Children who have to move usually miss their friends the most. To make the process of separation gradual, host a little goodbye party and invite family, friends and neighbors. Explain that this is not a goodbye forever, and that you will be able to see each other again. Speak with their friends’ parents and plan a weekend visit or you can meet somewhere for the kids to hang out. Remember to exchange contact details. The kids can text, e-mail or phone each other and thus remain close with their old friends.

Let them help you pack and unpack

Packing and unpacking can be hectic and stressful, but try to involve your kids as much as possible. Explain that they will be able to bring their favorite toys, clothes, even some furniture they grew up with. If you’ve decided on a truck rental, show them the truck and let them sit at the driver’s seat for a while. They’ll surely love that. When unpacking, let them carry their smaller things and give them little tasks to keep them occupied.

Involve them in new home decoration

If you want your kids to be excited about the move, involve them in home decoration. Visit paint shops, furniture and hardware shops and let them decide on some things for the house. If you have older children, you can set the budget and let them decorate their rooms on their own. They can choose everything from the color of the walls to the lighting fixtures, art and furniture. If your kids are still too young to tackle the task alone, help them make their dream room a reality. When it’s all done, you can make a house-warming party and have some fun.

Get to know the area

Do some exploring together after you’ve settled. Visit famous sites of the place, go to the park and familiarize them with the area. Soon, they will fall in love with the place.

Remember that moving can be very stressful for your kids, but if you follow these tips, you will turn the moving experience from a nightmare into a fun family adventure.