Baby Skin Care: How To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy

Keep Baby's Skin Clean

Babies have a smooth, silky and a very soft natural skin at birth that also has no blemishes. Despite the flawless nature of their skin when they get into this world, babies have few defenses against the harsh elements around them. Everything from the sun, dry air, and the clothes that they have to wear every day come with a significant risk for their skin. These harsh elements are what bring about things like rashes and red blotches.

Nothing matches the joy that comes with babies, but they also come with a lot of responsibilities. One of the key ones is to ensure that the child’s skin remains healthy.

The good news is that the special care that the baby’s skin needs is not difficult to achieve and it only requires some dedication and using appropriate products. Here are some tips that will help you give your infant’s skin the best care.

Keep their Skin Clean

The first step in helping your baby maintain a healthy skin is to ensure that it is always clean. It is a fact that a child is not always dirty because they do not sweat a lot on their early years. But, maintaining a regular and consistent bath routine will help you get rid of the excess oils in the skin and prevent dry skin because they can lead to cradle cap, eczema, and several other conditions. Also, bathing relaxes and calms the child which will benefit the skin in many ways.

Moisturizing is Vital

You should always spare a few minutes to moisturize the baby’s skin after a bath as it is crucial for skin health. It is essential because it not only helps to replenish the skin loses but also creates a protective barrier to keep the child’s skin safe from the elements. And so you should make sure that you do it at least twice a day (morning and evening). Also, it is important to choose the products well so as to ensure maximum skin benefits while also protecting the child from harmful chemicals. Go for something organic that will help the skin to retain its natural moisture and is fragrance-free.

Choose the Detergents Wisely

Even as you put a lot of effort in cleansing and moisturizing your baby’s skin, you will still not succeed in keeping their skin healthy if you do not wash the clothes with the right products. First, it is important to know that it is never advisable to clean your child’s clothes with the regular soaps as they contain harsh chemicals that will affect their sensitive skin. A good baby laundry detergent should not contain any harmful elements like fragrances, dyes, phosphates or chlorine and it should also not leave any toxic residues on the clothes.

Avoid Sun Exposure

It is a fact that the sun can be beneficial to the skin and general health but this is only for adults who get just a little of it and at the right time of the day. For babies, exposure to the sun is a bad idea because their sensitive skin cannot withstand the harsh UV rays. And so you should try as much as possible to avoid exposing the infant to the sun, and this is more so between 10 am and 4 pm. If you have to go out during the day make sure that you cover the child well and you have something like a stroller to keep the sun out. For babies that are six months and above you should always apply enough sunscreen on their skin before going out.

Treat the Common Skin Problems Promptly

The infant’s skin is delicate and very sensitive which means that even with all these precautions the irritation and unwanted conditions can still develop. But, when this happens the best move is to deal with them promptly. As a parent, you should have enough information about these common skin problems and know what to do.

A diaper rash is the most common, but an over the counter cream should be enough to deal with the problem. Cradle cap is preventable by using a soft bristle brush to wash the scalp and head and a warm wet cloth for the face. If the cap develops, you should use a medicated shampoo to clean the scalp but not the face. Other common conditions like eczema will require the use of hydrocortisone cream (1%) which you can get over the counter.

Taking good care of your baby’s skin will ensure that he or she maintains that beautiful and priceless glow. If you make it a routine and follow the tips above you will not have any problem with your infant’s skin. But, it is important to talk to a doctor in case of any severe rashes and any other weird changes in the child’s skin.

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