Baby Feeding Magic at our House!

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Thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring my post about tips for baby feeding magic. What if you let baby choose what’s for dinner? Check out their cute “Quest for Yum!” video and see what happens!

When is the appropriate time to introduce foods to a baby? Well, all babies are different, and regardless of what your pediatrician says or recommends, your baby will let you know for sure when he/she is ready.

I introduced rice cereal to my son (my first born) when he was only six (6) weeks old by mixing it with Similac formula in his bedtime bottle. I had a special nipple with a slightly bigger hole in it since the mixture was obviously thicker and wouldn’t fit through a regular sized nipple hole. My mother taught me that trick, as my youngest sibling is only one year older than my son, so everything “baby” was still fresh in her mama mind mode as well.

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When introducing my children to jarred baby food, my mother also always told me to introduce the “yucky” foods first, you know the orange baby foods, like squash and carrots. Her reasoning was if you introduce the “good” tasting baby food first, like apples or pears, that they won’t ever eat the vegetables and only like the fruit. I wish I could find the pictures I have of my son eating carrots for the first time to share with you – there was ORANGE everywhere!

Since my twins were premature, they obviously didn’t follow the same schedule, thus why I say every child is different. We had a hard enough getting them to even keep down or digest formulas, and I think we tried every known brand of formula made, from prescription only formulas to tube feeding to IV nutrition. The girls even used different kinds of nipples for their bottles. Oh, those were the days… I’m surprised I don’t have any gray hairs by now!

With my youngest child, the best investment I ever made was this mesh popicle-looking thing that you could fill with any foods (I used a lot of canned fruits and/or vegetables) that they baby sucks on to get the food in itty-bitty tiny pieces so they don’t choke.

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What are you baby feeding tips?

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