Look And Feel Great During Your Pregnancy Trimesters

What to expect when you’re expecting? Most pregnant women are scared for their fashion style and body image shape and they want to look like hot moms so that their husbands still love them for their over expanding belly. Pregnant mothers want to look sexy at every stage of their pregnancy as many would find themselves inevitably disappointed with the fact of embracing baby fat.

However pregnancy should be cherished for the whole 9 months’ time period as it is an experience unlike any. This article would help you to look and feel great during your pregnancy trimesters and guide you so that you can be able to fit in those cute dresses for pregnant women.

Look and Feel Great During Your Pregnancy Trimesters

1st Trimester (First 1 – 3 Months)

For the first 3 months, your pregnancy wardrobe fashion should include dresses which are stretchy and roomy. So select and wear pre-pregnancy pants with a bellaband. You should also invest in light colored wrap dresses which can easily loosen up as the weeks go by. Also go for pants with an elastic waist which are chic and comfy. Also include loose t-shirts and flat shoes with no heels in your pregnancy wardrobe list.

2nd Trimesters (Second 4 – 6 Months)

Now that you’re in your 2nd trimester, you would probably notice that your belly would be making a clear statement, so don’t be afraid, just embrace the idea that you’re pregnant and you’re turning into a hot mama. So have fun with your growing belly and look around for some maternity tank tops and loose pants which can easily fit your waist without making major size adjustments.

Look and Feel Great During Your Pregnancy Trimesters

Remember, don’t choose those pants where you need to apply much stress, instead go for those pants that require minimum effort and ease to wear. There are special fashionable maternity clothes (rompers or jumpsuits) which are can easily fit your belly or waist size without any difficulty.

3rd Trimester (Third 7 – 9 Months)

Now that you’re in your final stage of pregnancy, it is time to go for ‘all comfort’ and prep for nursing friendly fashion clothes till the baby comes. Remember, all your wardrobe choices should be maternity and nursing friendly, such clothes provide you with a comfortable stretch while you walk or do any activity.

Don’t be blue if you miss wearing those skinny jeans or fashionable skirts, there are fashionable nursing attire available to help you look the part where you can consider your belly band a friend. While choosing undergarments, grab yourself a few pair of soft functional cotton underwear for the very first weeks, afterwards when you go for nursing, then buy a few nursing bras for a short time period.

Look and Feel Great During Your Pregnancy Trimesters

You don’t have to go extra miles for such clothing , just search out a nice nearby store which has it all or google it online to buy some maternity fashion wardrobe choices to make you look chic and fashionable and make your pregnancy a time worth remembering!