How To Take Care Of Yourself Post Twins Delivery

Mom with twins image

Delivering twins is no easy task. The amount of strain put on your body while carrying and then delivering is severe, and the effects can be long lasting.  Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself after delivering twins.

  • Focus on your diet: Things like eggs, oranges, brown rice, salmon and leafy greens are staples of your post-delivery diet. And, of course, as much water as you can drink. The mercury level in salmon is low compared to other fish. Eggs are some of the most versatile protein you can get. Leafy greens help restore vitamin A, and your body has a lot of fluid it needs to replace…so drink as much water as you are comfortable with.
  • Make sure you’re adjusted: The physical weight of twins can put tremendous pressure on your back and neck. If you have trouble moving even after a few days pass, you may need to see a chiropractor. “Women carry so much weight in their lower back during pregnancy. After delivery, those muscles and even the spine as a whole can be in tough shape”, according to Sara Mitchell. “Getting in for an adjustment or electrotherapy can make a world of difference in regards to getting back to normal”.
  • Change how you sleep: For the first few weeks after delivering, sleep can be challenging, and not just because your bundles of joy keep an odd schedule. You may need to consider sleeping in an elevated position. Even just a few pillows can help you stay upright, breathe better, and get the sleep that you need.
  • Get back to workouts: A common misconception is that your body needs months to recover. It does. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back into your workout routines, even if that requires scaling it back a little. Small group workouts are a great way to get back into things, especially if it’s a group of post-delivery moms just like yourself. Physical activity and workouts will help you sleep better as well.
  • Reconnect with friends: Just because you have two babies doesn’t mean you don’t have time to socialize. Your other relationships outside of your family will help you maintain a sense of normalcy while your life goes through this incredible change. It’s expected that many of your relationships will change. But don’t let it be because you didn’t carve out time for the important people in your life.

Taking care of yourself post-delivery is the most important thing you can do. Without a healthy “you”, it’ll be difficult to give your babies the love and attention they need. Just like any other person (recovering or not), sleep, diet, hydration, exercise and human interaction are important for long term well being.

Image Source: Flickr