How To Feel More Calm And Confident In Care If Your Baby Is In The NICU

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You are probably a nervous wreck if your baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit. While these feelings are normal, you don’t have to worry about every little thing that goes on in the NICU. There are some things you can do to make things better for yourself. How To Feel More Calm And Confident In Care If Your Baby Is In The NICUUse these tips to stay calm and confident in care if your baby is in the NICU:

Get Adequate Sleep and Nutrition

Inadequate sleep coupled with an unfortunate situation almost always spells anxiety. You can cut down on irritability and worry if you get the proper amount of sleep that your body needs. The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is about eight hours, depending on your body, but a mom who recently had a baby will need more rest to let the body heal. You could probably benefit from getting a little more sleep than specialists prescribe.

Visit and Collaborate With Well-Trained Nurses

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your little one is visit the NICU if you can do such. The baby needs to feel your presence. Being right there with the baby will keep you calm, and it will provide a positive aura for the infant during this crucial time. Also, you can gain confidence in your child’s care by working closely with nurses who have special education for NICU care. Talk to people you know or at the hospital who has received an ADN to MSN degree. Collaborating with people who have more knowledge can give you peace of mind about things that may seem scary to you, but don’t need to worry about.

Locate Some Humor and Absorb It

A good dose of laughter can have some amazing effects on your mood and your outlook. Once you start rolling, you will fall into the not-so-vicious cycle of laughing, and then laughing because you are laughing, and then laughing because you are laughing at yourself laughing. This can actually work wonders on a stressed mind. A funny move, a sitcom, some stand-up comedy clubs or just some time spent with a whimsical character can make your nervousness start to fade.

Meditate and or Pray

Praying and meditating is a must if you have a relationship with a higher power. Stepping into a quiet place and bearing your soul is a perfect way to receive divine comfort and reassurance about your baby’s fate. You can pray or meditate at any time and in any place.

Draw Near to Family and Friends

You need supportive people around you during crises like the one you are experiencing. You should keep in touch with such people even though your circumstances may tempt you to isolate yourself. Genuine, considerate friends can always find ways to contribute to your spirit lift. Again, keep in touch with the staff at the hospital and ask all the questions you need to ask about the processes and procedures. You will be fine if you follow these tips. `