Prepare for Your Growing Family: 4 Tips for Making Your Home Kid-Friendly

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Finding out that your family is growing is an exciting time. However, you need to create a home that is kid-friendly. growing familyThis means that you’re going to need to make a few changes to many of the rooms of your home. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind that can make a big difference for your family.


Cushions on your couch and chairs can easily come off and get destroyed. Find furniture that has secured cushions so that they can’t be removed. This design idea can also give your home a clean and uniform appearance. It’s also beneficial for when children decide to jump around on the furniture as the cushion won’t come off the couch or the chair. Try to find furniture that has round edges to prevent bumps and injuries if your children run into the sides or corners of the furniture.


The hardwood or laminate flooring might be easy to clean and might give you the modern look that you want in your home, but it can be a safety concern for children. This type of flooring can get slick, resulting in falls. An option is carpet installation. The carpet will be soft to walk on and can prevent falls that might occur if your children wear shoes with slippery soles or if they are running and slide on the floor. If you don’t want carpet in every room of your home, then you can use rugs with a non-skid backing.

Hide Valuables

There are likely things in your home that you cherish that you don’t want to have broken when your children begin crawling and walking. These items should be placed on a shelf that is high on the wall or in a cabinet where your children can’t touch them. As your children get older, you can bring them back out and explain to your children that they are valuable items and that they shouldn’t be touched.


All cords should be kept out of reach of children. You can hide cords in protective sleeves. Outlets should be plugged so that children can’t insert anything in them. Televisions and other electronics need to be kept on a high level on the wall so that they can’t be pulled over.When you have children, you want to ensure that they are living in a safe environment. You’re going to have to remove a few items from your home or make a few adaptations that will keep your children as safe as possible until they are old enough to understand safety rules. Spend a few days exploring each room on a child’s level so that you can view what would be a hazard as this will give you an idea as to what you need to improve.