How To Choose The Right Dancewear For Your Kid

How To Choose The Right Dancewear For Your Kid

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Learning to dance is a fun way to keep your children healthy, and busy. Children in dance learn teamwork, and to develop their balance and coordination. How To Choose The Right Dancewear For Your KidThe dance studio will have a dance uniform that the children are expected to wear. They all are dressed alike, and the uniform the instructor asks for will be tight-fitting so she can watch the muscles they are using. If your child has a problem with a certain move, that visibility helps the teacher understand why they are having problems and how to fix it.

Basic Needs

There are a lot of dance genres. No matter which dance class you sign up for, you will need three things. They are a leotard, tights, dance shoes. It is important that the shoes you buy are not worn off the dance floor. They can scar the dancefloor and could even cause a dancer to get hurt. If you do not have a dance bag, you should get one. You can use an old backpack if you want, as long as you have a bag that you can fill. You should always have an extra pair of tights, a water bottle, a snack, and something to warm them like a big shirt or sweater.


Usually, a child learns ballet before any other type of dance. The instructor will want all students to wear a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. They may or may not allow a wrap-around skirt, and/or a tutu. They normally practice in the leotards and get a custom-made costume for the recital that comes at the end of the class. The ballet uniform is usually a black leotard with pink tights or a pink leotard with black tights. The clothes fit snuggly. They have a lot of stretch to the material for easy movement. Your instructor will tell you if she can wear a wrap-around skirt or a tutu. Ballet shoes must fit well and be of high-quality. Look to Just For Kix for help with the shoes and other questions you may have.

Jazz and Tap

These types of dance are different in many ways, but for the purpose of dressing your child, you can visualize the similarities. Both of these types of dance make noise with their shoes. Tights are needed, leotards may or may not be required to wear, and sometimes the instructor will allow tee shirts. If leotards bother you, try the new leotard with the boy-cut legs. They provide more coverage and are comfortable. For dance class, tap shoes are used for either choice of dance.

Ballroom and Hip Hop

Students of ballroom dancing can wear ballet slippers or sneakers to practice. As your child grows you can invest in a pair of court shoes. Hip Hop is a world of its own. Hip Hop dance required a good pair of high-top sneakers. they often dance in jeans and jackets, but for class, they should wear leggings and a sports bra.

Getting The Size Right

You know what size your child wears, but when it comes to tight dance clothes, you are not sure. Industry leaders in the world of dance understand. They want to make finding the right size as easy as possible.Dressing your little one for dance is not difficult and dance clothes of quality will be worn for a very long time. Work with the dance instructor to get the right clothes. Your child will blend in with the group and your experience will be a positive one.