Top Reasons Why Your Child Needs More Sleep

sleeping child

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New moms and dads need to be aware of the effects that lack of sleep can have on the behavior of their kids. The surly attitude, unnecessarily shouting, crankiness, and that gruesome ‘no’ to every request are some of the symptoms that point towards restlessness. Most parents try to calm this sort of behavior with video games or toys but this cannot help in the long-run.sleeping childLack of sleep is not only hazardous to the health of children but adults as well. Think of it as how will you function the whole day when you haven’t slept properly? The same goes for children as well. If you are not paying attention to the quality of their sleep, you should brace yourself for their health and behavioral issues. Here we have compiled some top reasons why your child needs more sleep especially when they are in the growing ages.

Better Child Health

It is scientifically proven that sleep has direct effects on overall human health. Sleep should be a family priority. Those who sleep early, sleep peacefully, and get up early are able to complete all their tasks and achieve the goals more efficiently than those who don’t sleep properly. For growing children, at least 9-11 hours of sleep is recommended. It enhances their health and eliminates the rebellious behavior.

Builds Brain Cells

For the cognitive development of a child, the importance of sleep cannot be neglected. When a child sleeps, the body builds brain cells that enhance the memory. The human brain keeps developing till the age of 21 and consistent sleep can help your children reach their full potential more easily.

Repairs Damaged Cells

Just like the adults, children also need to get their body cells repaired and what can be a better way than sleep to do that?  Every single night, our body naturally repairs the damaged cells after a peaceful sleep. In children, sleep plays a pivotal role in improving immunity, releasing growth hormones, strengthening the nervous system, enhancing metabolism, and managing weight.

Enhances Mood and Boosts Memory

Let’s face it – grumpy and cranky kids are always disliked. They are not able to get as much love from others as kids with happy faces do. As discussed earlier, this sort of a behavior can be controlled by ensuring the children gets proper sleep. There can be several factors that can act as hurdles in your child’s sleep and one of them is an improper sleeping position. Try to make sure that the posture they sleep with is comforting. Not only will it improve their mood but sharpen the memory too. These are just a few reasons why your child needs more sleep. By keeping a check on their sleep using a sleep calculator, you can double their chances of living a healthy life. What more you can do is check their bed if it is comfortable enough for them to hit those calming hays because in most cases, it is the bed that adds discomfort.