How Braces Can Give Your Kids Better Overall Dental Health

How Braces Can Give Your Kids Better Overall Dental Health

As a parent, your child’s health is one of your highest concerns. You want to keep them safe. You teach them how to take care of their bodies, and you show them how to make healthy choices. So when it comes to taking care of their teeth and gums, you’re right on top of it.

But here’s something you might not have known. Having your child get braces can actually improve her health in a number of ways with lasting consequences. Here are some ways that braces can improve your child’s oral health.

Reduced Risk of TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the point on your face where your jawbone connects to your skull near your cheek bones. When this joint becomes inflamed, it can cause all kinds of health problems, including the following:

– Headaches
– Ear aches
– Popping and clicking sounds
– Difficulty chewing
– Locking of the jaw

There are many factors that can contribute to this condition, but the shape and layout of your child’s teeth is one of them. Overbite, under bite or cross bite can contribute to TMJ disorder. Severe cases of TMJ disorder can require therapy or even surgery to correct. Braces can realign your child’s teeth and help minimize the development of this disorder. If your child appears to have misaligned teeth or jaw and frequently complains about any of the above symptoms, consult your children’s orthodontist to investigate the possible causes.

Improved Oral Hygiene and Reduced Tooth Decay

Another way that braces can improve dental health is that they straighten the teeth and correct spacing between teeth. When teeth have large gaps between them or are bumping up against each other tightly, food can easily get stuck and be difficult to remove with brushing and flossing. As that food decomposes in between the teeth, it contributes to the growth of harmful bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities.

Getting braces can straighten out your child’s teeth and correct their placement in relation to each other, eliminating large gaps and allowing just enough space between teeth for optimal cleaning and flossing. Along with daily brushing and flossing, correct teeth alignment is key to prolonging the health of your child’s teeth and gums.

Protecting your kids’ teeth from tooth decay and gum disease begins with good brushing and flossing habits, but it doesn’t end there. To experience the full benefit of those daily cleanings, your kids must also have proper tooth alignment to ensure proper hygiene. It’s a good idea to discuss your kids’ dental needs with your family dentist to see if braces are something they will need for total oral health.