Tips for Moving with Young Children

4 Ways to Prepare to Move to a New City with a Toddler

Living in a new house in a new neighborhood can be incredibly exciting. Moving, however, is typically a hassle. This is especially true when you are moving with children, who don’t understand and don’t like the change that is happening. If you prepare correctly, however, you don’t have to worry about tantrums on moving day. Instead, you can make your entire family excited for the big move using these five tips:

Value Their Opinion

Not moving isn’t an option, but by giving your children a small amount of choice in the matter, you can help them feel as if they have some control of their situation. Moving is a huge disruption to their regular routine, and this can be very scary to children, which is why bringing them in on the decision of where you move and introducing their new home to them early on is the best possible step forward. Ask them which of your top choices they prefer and actually weigh their opinion in when you decide on which home to put an offer in. When you house hunt, get your children to envision themselves in each property. Paint a picture of what their lives will be in this new house so that they will be excited when it comes time to move.

Take Day Trips

If you are close enough to your new home that you can drive before the moving day, do so. Spend day trips with your kids where you play in the local park, have lunch, go to the movie, and have fun. The more your kids become familiar with their new neighborhood and the more fun they have, the more used to the idea they will become. You want your kids to understand that they will have a better life than before, and showing them what their lives will be like is the next step.

Sign Them Up for After-School Activities

Leaving friends behind is always sad, which is why you should sign your children up for after-school activities in their new neighborhood before they move there. Do this, and they will not only become further integrated into your new community, but they will also make friends and new memories. This can only be done, of course, if you live within reasonable driving distance to your new home. If not, that’s okay! Simply research and have a list of fun organizations your kids can join.

Make Moving Day Easy

Finally, moving day. If you and your spouse are stressing about packing everything in time, this can affect your kids, who will take your negative mood and express it themselves. That is why you should forgo packing and moving yourself and instead hire Suddath Relocation Systems in Miami who will pack, move, and unpack your house. Keep things easy and you can focus on making the experience a fun that your whole family can enjoy.

Moving children to a new home and a new neighborhood can either go very well or very poorly. By bringing them in on the decision, introducing them to their new home, and making the move itself as stress-free as possible can make the move a positive experience for everyone.