HiPP Formula: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

HiPP Formula

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The best food for a newborn is surely breast milk. Breastfed kids receive everything necessary for full growth and development during childhood, strong immunity, and health. Unfortunately, in some cases, bottle-feeding is the only solution for a family. It is important to choose quality dairy food according to the age and nutritional requirements of the baby.

HiPP has been researching breast milk for many years and developing formulas that are as close to its composition as possible. That is why the HiPP baby formula presents vitamins meeting the child’s nutritional needs. The company formulas usually contain a combination of probiotics and prebiotics to be similar to breast milk.

HiPP History

The company’s history began in 1899. The founder’s wife had trouble with breastfeeding so Joseph Hipp found a solution by enriching the milk with rusk flour to make it more nourishing. In 1970 while the company was growing, they sourced from only organic farms.

Now, the company’s priority is still the same — producing naturally healthy infant formula from organic ingredients. In 2010 more and more grown people who suffer from diseases of the teeth and digestive tract began to buy Hipp food for themselves. Besides, formulas are popular among people who have suffered a stroke.

Highest Quality and Environmental Safety

The basis for HiPP formulas is certified fresh organic milk. This is not ordinary milk powder used by other breast milk substitute manufacturers, but animal organic milk that is received directly on farms which means such milk contains more nutrients. When feeding your baby HiPP foods, you can be sure that the kid will receive not only everything necessary for safety development but also important components to maintain healthy digestion and immunity. In addition, HiPP monitors all products as part of its own laboratory tests, more stringent than those required by law.

Components and Features

It is very important to select the proper formula for a kid with all nutrients and ingredients because it impacts a baby’s health directly. This is why carefully selected, safe, and regulated ingredients are a must-have. Fortunately, HiPP infant food meets these required standards. When it comes to baby formulas, carbohydrates, as well as proteins and fats, are the main components of the formula. One of the main functions of carbohydrates is to provide the organism with energy.

Proteins are essential for a young organism, being the main building material for the cells and tissues of the body. They are part of all vital compounds – enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc. Milk and vegetable fats are also included in newborn’s meals. Milk fat is easily digestible, contains vitamins (A, D), carotene, choline, cholesterol. Besides, every HiPP formula has Omega-6s and 3s fatty acids which are excellent for brain and muscle development. Furthermore, the company’s promise is to never include GMOs.


HiPP assortments are presented by a huge selection of different organic formulas divided into stages: age, special needs such as digestion troubles, etc. So if you decide on HiPP formula your baby will be supported through all stages of growth. To sum up, HiPP is one of the best organic foods for infants.