6 Awesome Crafting Projects for You and the Kids to Enjoy

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Whether you’re all stuck at home due to bad weather or a case of the sniffles, crafting projects can offer a lifeline for parents looking to keep their children entertained. But family crafts aren’t just a great way to while away hours spent inside. They’re also great for bonding with your children and encouraging them to use their imagination.

You might not be the best at painting and drawing, but your children will love spending time with you on crafting projects. These kinds of creative pursuits are also a great opportunity to show your children how to express their ideas through different mediums. And you never know, you might even learn a new skill yourself!

From making beaded jewelry to trying your hand at quilling, here are some of the best craft projects for kids to enjoy as a family.

1. Button Monogram

If you’re anything like us, you’re sure to have a collection of odd buttons from repair attempts and long-since discarded clothing. And what better way to make good use of these colorful sewing kit jewels than by turning them into crafting tools?

We love the idea of letting your kids create something personal and decorative during their crafting projects, and this monogram idea fits the bill perfectly. But first, your child will need to decide what letter they want to create. It could be their first initial or they might prefer the first letter of their nickname. Remember to include elements of choice in these projects as this helps children feel in control, allowing for better self-regulation in the future.

Once you have your letter, cut out the shape from a piece of thick cardboard. Then, your child can choose their favorite buttons from your selection to decorate their letter. When they’re happy with their design, superglue the buttons in place, then mount and frame the letter.

2. Beaded Jewelry

Stocking up on craft beads for kids is a genius idea for those times when you’re in need of craft projects that will keep older kids entertained without making a lot of mess.

Choose from kits or bead bundles, or go for a combination of the two to allow your children to use their imagination and create their own beaded designs. You’ll likely have to start them off by securing the end of the string together. But, once they get into the flow of adding beads, you’ll be able to supervise them whilst tackling chores and other household tasks at the same time.

3. Rainbow Suncatcher

Kids’ crafts like this colorful suncatcher project are perfect for encouraging your children to personalize their bedroom with personal décor.

All you need to make it is colored tissue paper, black cardboard, scissors, child-safe glue, and some ribbon. First, draw a rainbow design on the black card and cut out four separate arches in the center. Then, your child can tear and stick strips of tissue paper to the back to fill in the arches with different colors. Once the rainbow is complete, attach the ribbon with glue and stick the suncatcher to your child’s window with washi tape.

Of course, your kids can make other suncatcher shapes with this same idea. A star with different sections of color works well, as does a fish with scales or a flower with colorful petals.

4. Quilling Pictures

If you’re not familiar with quilling, it involves coiling thin strips of paper into decorative shapes and designs. Although you can buy quilling sets, you can make your own quilling strips by cutting up colorful sheets of paper. As such, this is one of the best kids’ craft projects to try if you’re stuck indoors without any crafting supplies.

This quilling guide explains how to get started, although you can forgo the sharp tools and show your children how to create quilling coils with their hands instead. Once they have the technique down, they can create anything from flowers to animals with an arrangement of coils. Although, if your children want to incorporate fantasy elements like dragons and unicorns, encourage them to feel free to use their imagination as this is vital for developing empathy in early childhood.

5. Plastic Bottle Bunny Pen Pots

Transform plastic bottles into cute bunny-shaped pen pots with this crafting project ideal for kids aged five and up.

First, you’ll need to cut the plastic bottle and sand down any sharp edges with a nail file. Cut out plastic bunny ear shapes from the top of the bottle then recycle the rest. Next, your child can take over, painting one or two coats of acrylic paint on the ears and bottle base. Grey, pink, and white work well although there’s no reason why your kid can’t create a blue or green bunny!

Once the paint is dry, secure the ears with superglue. And finally, the fun part! Give your child marker pens so they can draw cute faces onto their bunny pots. When they’re ready, all that’s left to do is gather up the stray pens and pencils from around the house to make use of your cute and handy pot.

6. Rock Painting

Looking for kids’ craft projects that are suitable for little ones? Rock painting is a great way to introduce younger children to decorating 3D elements instead of flat pieces of paper. And, all you need are some colorful paints and a collection of rocks from your backyard, local nature trail, or beach to get started! You can then use these colorful rocks as decor for your child’s bedroom, bookends, or paperweights.

Have Fun Together With These Family Crafts

Family crafts are an ideal way to introduce your children to new creative pursuits beyond painting and drawing with your supervision.

And, while younger kids might need more help with trickier techniques, crafting projects like these are perfect for developing their skills and encouraging their imagination.

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