In house Playhouse: Ideas for Making a Kid-Friendly Playroom

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If you have kids in your house, you can expect a certain amount of clutter, but the whole place doesn’t have to be a disorganized disaster. One of the best ways to ensure a tidy and orderly house is to provide a fun kid-friendly space for your little ones to enjoy. This way you can keeps messes contained and kids have a place that’s all their own separate from the shared rooms of the house. Take a look at these ideas for incorporating some unique playhouse designs into your own home.

Create a Cozy Nook

Kids love cozy spaces like blanket forts. Consider creating a more permanent space for your kids in the playroom. A simple nook can be created by setting up a loft bed or crawl space. The top of a bunk can be used as a reading area with soft pillows, and the area below could be set up as a playhouse. According to Barrie home renovations, a custom builder can also help design a unique space indoors that will fit with your home design and provide endless hours of entertainment. What kid would not want an indoor tree house or castle playhouse to play and imagine in?

Custom Art

Set up a table where kids can get creative. If you plan to allow painting, gluing, or other messy materials, put down a cute but inexpensive rug or plastic mat in your crafting area. This will make it less stressful if something accidentally gets dropped or dripped onto the floor. Frame some of your kid’s favorite creations and hang them on the wall. You can also run some colorful twine along the walls or overhead and use clothespins to hang up projects too elaborate to be easily framed. This helps give kids some ownership of their play space and all of them, regardless of age, can enjoy contributing.

Get Physical

Kids need to be allowed to run, jump, climb, and move as much as possible. This need for exercise exists regardless of weather, location, or time of day. Try to incorporate activities that include movement in your playroom. A small trampoline or a ladder suspended securely from the ceiling are great ways to encourage movement. If space is limited, clearing a small space for dancing is an easy and fun way to get moving. Costumes and silly music make dance time even more fun.

Reading Space

Reading is extremely important for kids, so creating a fun and unique reading area is an asset to any playroom. Include some fun beanbag chairs, milk crates with pillows attached, or small indoor hammocks for some neat possibilities. You can make a normal bookshelf fun and customized by allowing your kids to help you paint a plain wooden bookshelf and add their hand prints to make it one-of-a-kind.

Planning a playroom can be fun for everyone as long as you know what your kids will love and use often. Remember to incorporate as much fun as possible, be creative, and leave room for some organization too. Try to think like a kid when planning out their space.

Outdoor Playhouse Collection
Outdoor Playhouse Collection