7 Fall Kids Clothes Trends To Dress Your Little Fashionistas

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If you’re one of those parents that loves to dress your kids to the nines, or you like to live your fashion life vicariously through your children, here’s a fall and winter guide to the 2018-2019 kids clothes trends. With the internet age, kids clothes are increasingly influenced by celebrities, how they dress their kids, and social media posts which spread these trends to us!

Some of the biggest influences this year are classicism, nostalgia, and Europe. In recent years we’ve seen a nod to the 80’s and 90’s for clothes, and this year took a giant leap back to the 19th century Europe for its clothes. You will see a lot of dress clothes, suspenders, party dresses, Highland kilts and plaid, newsboy caps, suits and bowties, earthy colors and Highland patterns. Of special note this year are clothes from Spain. The royal family, like Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who often have a large influence and clothing, are definitely returning to the classics this year, especially with Spanish clothing. rusbank.net

We’ll also see a lot of floral prints, knitwear, corduroy, military-style clothes, earthy colors, traditional patterns, peter pan collars, elbow patches, and more!

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite fall and winter kids clothing trends for 2018-2019.

1. The Classics

“Classic clothes are without a doubt the biggest trend for kids clothes this year as the cooler months approach,” says Janel Anderson, founder of Nohi Kids kids clothing line and Bird & Bean kids clothes store. “It seems that every year in the 2010’s, nostalgia has a huge influence on clothing trends, and this year is no different, except this year we’re going way back to the 19th and early 20th century. Classicism has such a huge influence on kids clothes this year that we could have written a whole article on it.

We saw corduroy come back last spring, and we’re seeing it again this fall and winter. Corduroy is a classic look that is comfortable and warm. We’re seeing corduroy in a wide range of colors this fall, from earth tones to bold red and yellow, and in everything from hats to pants.

Button-down shirts in checkered patterns with classic sweaters will be big for boys. For a full, opt for a peter pan collar in a red and blue checkered pattern with a knit sweater to match with elbow patches. If you really want to complete the classic look, pair it with corduroy pants, newsboy cap, and bowtie.

2. Floral Prints

Floral patterns were another trend that we saw in the spring, and it pairs well with the romantic classicism trend. While classic and earthy colors are in, when you’re looking for a floral print for your little girl, go for bold, feminine colors. For a complete look, pair a pink, yellow, or baby blue floral dress with tights to match and classic Mary Jane shoes. Leggings are another great (and comfortable) way to dress for girls for play while embracing the trends of fall.

3. Slouched and Baggy Jogger Pants

This one is no surprise. Back this year are a return to jogger pants, typically in black, gray, or navy colors. One hot look this fall is to pair black or gray jogger pants with printed sneakers, either low tops or high tops. Jogger pants go with any casual look. They go great with hoodies, jackets, long-sleeve t-shirts, or all of the above! Layered looks are back in a big way this year, so for a complete look, dress your kids in joggers with a t-shirt, hoodie and jacket, and bonus points if they are worn unzipped!

4. High-Tops

High-top sneakers are in again for both girls and boys. High-tops are fun because they add to the fashion statement with your other kids’ clothes. Bonus points for sneakers with prints or patterns like camouflage, star or galaxy prints, X-Strap sneakers, flow or vine prints, or even just basketball shoes. The high-top look is a great way to tie your little fashionista’s look together.

5. Rain Boots

Rain boots never really went anywhere, but they are back in a more playful way this year. Rain boots have always been perfect for kids, as they are quick to slip on, keep your kids’ feet dry from the rain, and dirt wiped right off. Different this year with rain boots is the styles that are popular and trendy with kids. To do it right, try buying rain boots with a metallic look, camouflage print, floral print, or in bold colors like yellow, red, or even gold. You can pair them with leggings and skirts, or go even bolder and get them for your boy’s look.

6. Colorful, Wild Prints

Wild and bold prints are new this year, and you can find them anywhere from sneakers to ball caps. To really dress your little ones in chic kids clothes, go for colorful patterns on a white background or make them pop on a black background. Similar to the “Ed Hardy” look, but a little different in that most prints have vines or flowers, colorful prints can even be seen on matching pants and shirts.

It’s not hard to pull this look off, and it’s difficult to do it wrong. You can wear vine or floral prints on your shirt, sneakers, and pants, and it doesn’t matter if they match!

7. Be Bold, Be Different

What ties all the different trends and looks for kids clothes this year together is the theme: be bold. Stand out. This is such a fun time to dress your little and big kids this year, as the overall theme is: be bold, and have fun! Whether you’re going for the classic look, or the exact opposite wild look, the only way to do it wrong is to be boring. Take risks, go for shirts, pants, and skirts in patterns that otherwise wouldn’t match, and have fun. This is a great way to get your children involved in dressing themselves, as anything goes this year! Encourage your little ones to pick and mix and match from their wardrobe of fall and winter kids clothes this year.