Easy Ways To Childproof Your Home And Keep Kids Safe

It is very important to rearrange your home once you have a kid because chances are that they will wander around touching and eating anything they are not familiar with. However, with simple tricks, you can ensure that your home is childproofed and that nothing could get into their little hands.

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Childproofing is only the first step, and you should make time to explain to them why you are doing it.

Store Your Chemicals Far out of Sight

Unless your children see where the dangerous chemicals are, they will not be tempted into opening the bottles. Be sure to store them far out of their reach and behind locked cabinets. Make sure to sit down with your kids and to tell them why it is important to keep chemicals out of their reach because simply forbidding them might be an invitation to do the opposite. Furthermore, go through a few scenarios of what your kid needs to do if they accidentally get some of the chemicals on them.

Keep Medicine out of Reach

Your children might be curious what the little pills are you need to drink every day, and might imitate you drinking them when you are not around. In order to prevent them from accidentally swallowing medicine, you should keep it locked up and out of reach. Make sure that you put your medicine away after each use, to ensure that your kids cannot find it easily. Safety latches will be an important upgrade for your medicine cabinet as it can help keep the nosiest of kids out.

Shutting a Door Is Not Enough

Simply shutting the door will not stop your child from exploring the house. You need to make sure that they are childproofed and locked if you want to keep curious kids out of some rooms. On the other hand, doors can be dangerous to smaller children because their little fingers can get caught and it could be painful. You do not have to buy expensive gadgets to keep childproof your door, you can use everyday items around your home, and you only need to get a bit creative. Though, expect that your child will soon learn how to dismantle the obstacle.

The Bathroom Should Be off Limits

Your bathroom can be a dangerous place if you are not around and your child gets locked inside. Not only can they slip and hurt themselves, with nobody around to help them, but, they can easily drown if they accidentally let the water run. Blocked drains should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid children play around in the filth.

Cover the Outlets

Children are naturally curious, and you cannot be there all the time to help them avoid trouble. Outlets can be quite dangerous if they are in the phase of probing everything and putting things everywhere.

Curious little boy playing with electric plug. Trying to insert it into the electric socket. Danger at home

Luckily, you can purchase outlet covers to help and keep their little fingers from getting shocked. Try to explain why it is bad to play around with an outlet, and teach your kids never to plug in anything without your permission.


When it comes to children, making your home fire-safe is a definitely a must. Make sure you have a proper evacuation diagram and keep your lighters and matches away from your kids’ reach.

Making sure that your home is childproof does not necessarily mean that you will have to get rid of everything that could hurt them. In the beginning, it will be imperative that you pay more attention to them, and where they are. However, as they get older, they will learn to understand the dangers and how to stay out of trouble. Make sure to explain why some things are off limits, and why it will be bad for your kid.

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