Four Steps To Pick The Perfect Double Stroller

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Picking the perfect double stroller can seem like an impossible task. If you are a parent of two kids of stroller age, then finding the best double stroller for a toddler and a baby might seem like a tall task. Believe me that I understand. I am a parent of 7 children, I had 2 in a stroller for years. To make the task easier it is best to know what features you should be looking to find. You will also want what will give you the best safety and mobility around stores, while being easy to pack up and put away with kids in tow. After a lot of debate, you will eventually find the right stroller for your needs.

There are many good stroller brands, but that is not the ultimate deciding factor, when you want to find the best strollers for you and your kids is the 4 major items that most often parent recommend.

Four Steps to Pick the Perfect Double Stroller

Step #1 – Ease of mobility – When manufacturers design double strollers it seems like they forget the fact that you have to turn tight corners in stores and around parked cars, might be rushing from one place to another, or need keep a child safe in one hand while controlling the stroller in the other. When you are trying to find a double stroller, you will want to find one that makes moving around easier on a busy mom and dad.

Some features that make strollers easier to maneuver are:

  • Wheels that rotate well and are not hard to turn, a pivoting front wheel in necessary.
  • Double strollers are large, try to find one made out of lightweight yet durable material. Some now come in special aluminum and other material that is very good.
  • Streamlined design. Bulky strollers are not good in the store or in the trunk.

Step #2 – Safety features – as a parent, we don’t want to see kids get hurt. So check out the various safety options. For example, if you get a sit and stand stroller where a toddler can stand on the back, it is wise to make sure they can’t fall off easily. Look for good safety belts and safe locking mechanisms. Also, if you will hang bags from the stroller, make sure they don’t tip easy.

Step #3 – Convenience features – Just like you want the comfort items in your car, you will want them for yourself and the children. Look for good cup holders, large places to store bags, and other convenience features that will come in handy for you.

Step #4 – Ease of storage – You do not want something that won’t fit in your trunk. Be smart, and get a stroller that not only fits easily in your trunk, but is also easy to fold up and store. Who wants to load kids in a hot car, only to take 10 minutes to put the stroller away. Find something that is easy to put away. This will save your day over and over again.

So, what is the perfect and best double stroller for you? If you take into account your life and the features you want, there are many good brands out there offering some great double strollers. Don’t rush out and buy the first one you find, or just go for the name you want. Make this a purchase that will make your life easier for a couple of years. You will be glad you did.

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