How to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms With Natural Remedies

How to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms With Natural Remedies

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How to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms With Natural Remedies

During pregnancy, a woman’s body has to go through a lot of changes. There’s a whole range of symptoms that are common for pregnancy, from headaches to constipation, and they can really ruin our experience of having a baby. To make things worse, a lot of regular medication has to end up on the blacklist, because they’re not safe to take during pregnancy. But do not despair just yet, because there’s a number of safe, completely natural remedies and methods that can ease your suffering, and we’ll try to cover some of them in this guide.

Morning Sickness

Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the symptom most commonly associated with pregnancy. Constant nausea and vomiting make everyday activities very difficult, especially during the first trimester. The best way to actually fight morning sickness is to change your diet.

  • Stop eating spicy and high-fat food. Burger and fries might’ve been a go to option for you until now, but they’re going to make your life a living hell in the morning. Instead, try eating bland food.
  • Drink water between meals, opposed to drinking during your meals. You want to avoid having a full stomach as much as possible. You can also go for a glass of milk, or ginger tea.
  • Avoid being close to strong odors, such as garlic, fried onions, raw meat or coffee.
  • Try aromatherapy, with pregnancy-safe smells like lemon, mint or ginger.


During pregnancy your uterus will be growing by the day, pushing gastric acids in the wrong direction and thus creating a burning sensation in your chest and throat. Many of the remedies that help with morning sickness will ease your heartburn as well. Try to avoid sparkling water and especially carbonated drinks, as these are extremely unhealthy even if you’re not expecting. Replace your big meals with a few smaller, snack-sized meals, which will keep your stomach from getting full and don’t go straight to bed after dinner, but rather wait as much as possible.


Hormonal changes that your body goes through during pregnancy is the main cause why headaches are so common in this period, especially in the first trimester. You’ll want to avoid any of the common headache triggers and again, look after your diet. And if that headache still kicks in, ask your partner to give you a rubdown, as neck and shoulder massages can be extremely helpful with headaches. You’ll also want to lower your stress, by practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, or meditation. Lastly, sometimes it’s just best to lie down and listen to some slow-paced music.

Stretch Marks

Natural Remedies  For Stretch Marks

With your body growing each day, stretch marks are very likely to appear. The key thing here is to try and keep your skin properly moisturized at all times. Cocoa butter is great for enhancing your blood circulation, while lowering the chance for appearance of stretch marks. You should be using it both during and after pregnancy if you want maximum results.

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With additional weight comes additional pressure on all the muscles and bones in your body. Your fat reserves are now also being used by two people, so it’s only natural that you’ll be feeling tired most of the time. While it’s not possible to completely remove fatigue, there are professionals out there like Happy Healthy Wellbeing Centre who are specialized in reducing fatigue, and recommend practicing the following:

  • Power naps – practice sleeping for 15-20 minutes and do it a couple of times per day. They are extremely good for your brain, and will help reduce both stress and the feeling of tiredness.
  • Exercise – You may feel too tired to even get out of bed, but believe it or not, exercising will actually increase your endurance and help you restore some of your lost energy.
  • Diet – at this point you’ve already adjusted your diet to eat healthier, but you should also know that you’re supposed to be eating at least 300 calories more than normal. Do it in multiple small meals, opposed to having 3 big meals a day.


With all the joys that come with motherhood, pregnancy can indeed sometimes be challenging. While you may feel like you’re alone at it, there are millions of women around the world having to deal with exactly the same symptoms. However, you can and you should do everything you can to make this period as easy as possible for you, and by following this guide we hope you’ll achieve it. Keep in mind that pregnancy lasts only 9 months and that in no time you’ll be having a new family member, which will make it all seem worthwhile.