18 Different Baby Gift Ideas For New Babies

18 Different Baby Gift Ideas

For those of us who have grown children or have decided not to have children sometimes the idea of buying a baby gift is daunting. There are so many things to choose from that sometimes it is overwhelming. I have been doing some research and will offer up some suggestions for those of you who are wandering around the baby department in a daze. You should be able to find all of these baby products online.

1. Baby Keepsake Boxes

These are a truly unique keepsake gift for baby or child that may be personalized and are available in a variety of shapes and styles to store baby or childhood memorabilia such as baby teeth, baby shoes, favorite toys, cards, etc. Shop baby keepsakes boxes now!

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2. Teething Toys

There is not a baby in the world that does not need something to chew on when they are teething. They have the cutest selections of toys and rings to choose from now, and don’t forget to add teething ring holder! In my day all they had were the little rings that you could throw in the freezer but such is not the case today. Not only will the babies be happy, but the parents will enjoy a few seconds of peace and quiet. Shop teething toys now!

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3. Portable Toys to Take Along in the Car

They have musical toys with lights and colors to keep your baby entertained. They also have toys with buttons to push and beads that slide. There are all kinds of toys which are portable for parents to take along in the car or the stroller. It is always a good idea to have portable entertainment to keep baby happy. I, for one, prefer the quieter variety to endless repetitious songs, but then again you are not the one that will have to live with it! Shop portable toys now!

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4. Changing Pads

It is something everyone with a baby needs. You never know where you are going to be when your baby needs a diaper change and you can’t just lay them down anywhere. You never know what to expect when you are changing a diaper, so a pad is a must! There are a wide variety of styles and prices to fit any décor and budget. Shop changing pads now!

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5. Night Lights

I have seen some of the cutest night lights in my research! They have stuffed animal night lights, hanging night lights, and just your typical night light. All necessities when you are checking on your baby at night and don’t want to wake them. And they can be such a cute addition to any room! This is a chance to really find something to express your taste and personality, so have fun with it. Shop night lights now!

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6. Diaper Pails and Bags

It may not be something a new mom buys for herself but what a blessing this would have been when I had my children. Something to get rid of the diaper quickly and not have to deal with the odor! The recipient of this gift will be thrilled I’m sure. This too has many price levels and varieties, so you should be able to find a good fit. Shop diaper pails now!

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7. Bath Toys

Most babies love to take baths after they are able to sit up. The little rubber bath toys that squirt water are so much fun to play with. Or the little rubber boats. Any kind of bath toy is fun for baby. Shop bath toys now!

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8. Swings or Cradle Swings

They have something called a cradle swing now that the baby can lie in and swing. Check out this review of the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing. They also have the original swings for older babies. My children loved to sit and swing and watch me do housework. Shop cradle swings now!

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9. Car Seats

Depending on how much money you want to spend everyone with a baby needs a car seat. Just make sure you do your research and get the ones with the best safety records and ones with all the bells and whistles are great too! Shop car seats now!

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10. Sun Shades

A car ride with sun glaring in the babies face is no fun, for them or you. They have some really cute sun shades and just basic ones as well. I’m sure the mom or dad will be pleased to have these shades when their new one arrives. Shop car sun shades now!

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11. Audio Monitors

Listening in on baby while they sleep gives parents peace of mind especially if they are hard sleepers. I understand that some babies are quieter than others. My children could have woken the dead with their cries but it was always comforting for me to be listening! This is something every parent needs to make sure their little one is safe. Shop audio monitors now!

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12. Baby Gates

Back in the day we used doggie gates to keep baby from going into another room. They were not convenient as the whole gate had to come down to get through. Now they have some really nice gates either to keep our little ones confined to one room or for dangerous stairways. These gates come with doors to walk through which are way more convenient. This is a practical gift for anyone with a baby that will soon be getting into mischief while their backs are turned! Shop baby gates now!

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13. Backseat Organizer

Organizers that conveniently hang over the back of the front car seats to hold toys, bottles, diapers, wipes, and any other baby items that you need to take along with you. I have a cousin with a young child and they have a video player for long trips and an organizer helps keep the videos in place as well. As they get older you can take along an extra set of clothes in case of accidents and keep snacks on hand for days you are running errands. Shop backseat organizers now!

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14. Floor Gyms

There are all different kinds of floor gyms to keep baby entertained, discovering new sounds, and learning how things work. They are stimulated by sounds, music, lights, games and textures. They have spinners with rattling beads, peek-a-boo games, mirrors, and all sorts of toys to keep them entertained and happy. Most come with a built in floor quilt so you can put them on multiple surfaces and baby stays comfy. Shop floor gyms now!

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15. Bath Spout Covers 

When my children were babies in the bath I remember worrying that they would hit their heads on the spout and wrapping it with a wash cloth or putting something over it to protect them. Well, now they have rubber bath spout covers, one I’ve seen recently was an adorable whale. You plug him up on the spout by his blow hole. What a cute idea. Shop bath spout covers!

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16. Suction Bowls with Lids

I thought this was an ingenious idea for when baby gets old enough to eat in the high chair. Bowls that have suction cups on the bottom with lids for storage! This keeps baby from knocking the bowls on the floor accidentally or tipping the food over while trying to get a handful. Then when they are done snacking you can pop on the lid for storage. Shop suction bowls now!

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17. Onesies and Baby Snap Tees 

These are one of my favorite gifts to give. For the days when you are staying at home with baby these are so quick and easy to get them in and out of for baths or quick changes. They are soft and comfortable for baby too. So convenient when it is time to change babies diapers as well. They are easy to wash and always great to have on hand. Shop Onesies now!

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18. Bath Sets

Hooded towels and wash clothes are always great gifts. You can add baby wash, shampoo, powder, and oil. If you’d like you can fill up a baby tub with all these essential bath items and put a big bow on it and your gift is complete. They even have baby massage oils and other items to pamper your little one that could be included in this gift just for fun. Shop baby bath sets now!

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Well, these are just a few of the baby items out on the market now that a new mother and father would appreciate. Of course there are always diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, sheet sets, and other necessities that would make great gifts as well. Don’t forget blankets and comforters either. On several occasions I’ve taken a baby blanket to a store near my home to have the baby’s name and birthday embroidered on. The parents are always thrilled with the extra effort. Whatever gift you choose make sure you get a gift receipt and include it in the card in case there are duplicate gifts or it’s something the parent has already purchased. I realize these days that most people are registering for baby gifts but sometimes that is not the case. Or it may be that you want to send something after the child is a few months older. In any case I hope that this list will give you some good ideas and help those of us who aren’t as baby savvy as others.

Gift Ideas For New Babies

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