Care In The Womb: How To Maximize Your Chances For A Healthy Pregnancy


At some point in time, all women have the urge to bear children. The biological clocks start ticking away, and the alarm clock starts speaking to the woman to create beautiful children. That is such a wonderful feeling to have, but the woman has to be sure that she creates the best possible health situation and environment for the baby. The following are some tips for maximizing one’s chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Stop Hazardous Lifestyle Activities

The first thing to do before attempting to have a child is to stop any lifestyle activities that would cause harm to a developing fetus. Examples of such activities are taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking can cause small weight and premature birth. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a deforming disorder that can develop in a fetus if his mother drinks alcohol while she is carrying him. Babies who are born to drug abusers often have drug dependencies.

Try During an Appropriate Age Bracket

A woman should be mindful of her age when she decides to have a baby. It is not impossible for a woman to have a baby in her late 30s or early 40s. However, it is best for the baby if the woman does attempt to have the child before she turns 35 years old. The baby has less of a chance of developing Down’s syndrome at that time in the woman’s life.

Improve the Diet

A good diet can keep the baby and the mother healthy at all times. The first thing the woman needs to do is increase her liquid intake. Eight glasses of water or a nutritious water substitute is what a woman should be taking in every day. She should also have a fair share of fruits and vegetables. She should get used to eating fruits and vegetables before she gets pregnant and then it will be a habit when it is most important that it become a habit.

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is essential to the emotional health of the mother and the baby. The baby feels the same exact emotions that the mother feels when he is in the womb. A woman who is stressed may have a baby with a nervous condition. It would be wise for the woman to try to break away from any environments that are loud and full of drama.

Use Fertility Testing

The female fertility test is most likely one of the most crucial factors in having a successful and healthy pregnancy. The tests measure the woman’s luteal hormone and alert her as to when she is ovulating. She can then plan intercourse with her husband at that time. Other types of fertility tests that she may be interested in are the FSH test, abdominal ultrasound and the OV watch, which is a new type of test. This test looks for sodium chloride instead of LH like other tests. It predicts the woman’s fertile days.

Take Vitamins and Minerals

Finally, taking prenatal vitamins and minerals is an excellent way for a woman to stay healthy for the duration of the pregnancy.

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Some essential items that women need to take in great quantities when they are pregnant are iron, magnesium and vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for building the immune system for the mother and for the baby. Magnesium is great for brain processes, and iron can provide the women with some good old-fashioned energy!

A desirous woman who has a positive attitude can successfully become pregnant and make it all the way to the end of a nine-month pregnancy if she follows all the tips that are mentioned here.