Clever Ways To Be Considered A Cool Mom

Let’s face it, every mother wants to be a cool mom. We want our kids to consider us their allies and best friends, and keep no secrets from us.

cool mom and daughter

However, sometimes it is difficult to find that fine line between being a cool mom and actually letting your child do whatever they want. If you wish to be that parent who has a great relationship with her child, check out the list below and follow these tips. 

Welcome sleepovers 

Kids love having sleepovers, especially if games, movies and a lot of junk food are involved. Although having a lot of kids under your roof can disrupt your sleep and be a little bit chaotic, your kids will love you for making these parties happen. Of course, you don’t have to do it every day, but once a month is enough to earn you the title of a cool mom.

Support your child

Not just financially, but emotionally as well. Keep in mind that children go through a lot of phases when growing up, and their interests might often change. If your child is an amazing swimmer but they have realized that their heart just isn’t in the game, don’t force them to pursue something they don’t like anymore. Instead, encourage the change and enjoy seeing your kid do something they have a passion for. 

Be their friend

Are you familiar with your child’s interests? Buy your son concert tickets to see his favorite band or help your daughter choose the perfect dress for her prom. Get your little girl her first set of earrings from Moon Magic or take your kids to an amusement park. Just by doing the smallest things together, you will easily become their BFF. However, make sure you don’t award them when they haven’t been good, or you will send the wrong message.

Stay up to date with the latest emojis

Did you know that eggplant emoji has nothing to do with the purple vegetable? If you want to be considered a cool mom, you need to know your way around the latest emojis, or you might easily embarrass your kids. Although you can avoid using these ideograms in your texts altogether, your messages will be more fun when you can express yourself with dozens of icons.

Do not sugar-coat things

We will do anything not to hurt our kids, but sometimes it is far better to tell them the truth than to come up with a lie that will give them false hope. Maybe your honest approach might seem harsh, but children don’t like being lied to, especially if they want your opinion about something that has been bothering them for a long time.

Don’t be a helicopter mom

You really don’t have to check up on your kid every five minutes, especially if they have friends over. Of course, when your little ones are still toddlers you always have to keep an eye on them to make sure they won’t hurt themselves or make a huge mess. However, as your kids get older you should start limiting the number of times you check up on them. If you barge into their room 20 times a day and drain out their phone battery with all those ‘Is everything okay?’ messages, you won’t be considered a cool mom, but a helicopter one. Kids need their space, so make sure you give it to them.

Share your clothes with your girl

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she starts yelling that she doesn’t have anything to wear. When this happens, let your daughter borrow your clothes. Not only will you be a hero in her eyes, but you will also get to borrow something of hers when needed, so it is a win-win situation.

Being a cool mom doesn’t mean letting your kids do whatever they want and never controlling them. It is all about being not just their parents, but their friends as well. Therefore, give these strategies a chance and you will be your kids’ idol.