Summer Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Summer Activities For Kids Of All Ages

When summer arrives and children are out of school, it seems like the boredom theory settles in as children aren’t sure what to do with the free time. Instead of letting your children watch television all day, consider planning a few activities ahead of time that will keep everyone busy.

Amusement Parks

One of the fun things for children of all ages to enjoy is an amusement park. Find one in the area that offers rides for all ages, including those who are younger. Also, think about finding a park that has water rides or a pool so that children can stay cool during the day.


This is something that can be enjoyed at any time during the summer. If you don’t want to pay the fees to go to a public pool, consider investing in an above-ground pool for the home. Friends and family can come over to swim with children, and you can plan a party with snack foods and activities.

Reading Programs

Most libraries offer a summer reading program of some kind. Younger children and those who are in elementary school might enjoy earning points to see who can read the most books, getting a reward at the end of summer. Some reading programs have special events each week, such as a magic show or a sleepover in the library with parents.

Summer Camps

To give your child an immersive experience in fun and learning, consider sending your children to a summer camp for up to several weeks. Many academic institutions host summer camps of all sorts; for example, the Admiral Farragut Academy hosts a variety of camps for students of various ages. Children can take part in dramas, crafts and team activities while interacting with others their own age. This is more for older children and teenagers who don’t mind being away from home for a few hours or even a week or two at a time.


Whether you’re athletic or not, bowling is fun for all ages. There are some locations that offer special discounts for children during the summer, especially if they have done well on a report card. Teenagers who are responsible enough to go out with friends alone for a few hours might enjoy this kind of activity as they can be alone with their friends while not in school.

Summer is a time when children want something to do that doesn’t involve school work. Find a few things around the city so that there is something different each week. It could be anything from playing at a park to enjoying family time at a bowling alley. Cater each event to the age of the child so that every family member has something to do in the summer.

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