Building Your Baby Registry: How To Save Money In The Long Haul

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Having a baby is expensive. That’s why traditionally expecting mothers have a baby shower in order help offset the costs of certain items like baby clothes. But while most registries can save mothers a few bucks once their bundle of joy arrives, if you plan correctly you can potentially save a whole bundle of cash instead. To learn a few critical steps in helping you plan your baby registry, continue reading below.

Collect Hand-Me- Downs

Before you prepare your registry, it’s important that you try to see if you can get a hold of any staple baby items, such as a crib or stroller, for free. You can ask family members, friends, or even neighbors for hand-me-downs. Not only is this a more economical option, but it’s also eco-friendly too. And if you’re worried about cleanliness, most “larger” baby products have removable liners or covers which make cleaning and sanitizing super easy. Another option you have is to join—a website that helps connect users with people in their area who are offering free, slightly used merchandise such as baby proofing items.

Shop at Consignment Shops/ Garage Sales

If there are no free items up for grabs, another option you have is to buy “cheap.” It will take a lot of hard work and exhaust many early mornings, but investing some time to shop around consignment shops and neighborhood garage sales for much needed baby items can save you money and leave room on your registry for more “pricier” and more important items you may need. LilJellyBeans offers designer styles at family friendly prices so you can save big with kids consignment stores.

Building your Registry

Before going to the store and scanning items, you need to avoid adding unnecessary items. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself some essential questions like: will I be traveling a lot with my baby? Will my partner and I share chauffeuring duties? Will I be breastfeeding or formula feeding? These questions can help you zone-in on “must-have” items. Whatever you do, you also want to make sure that you add a lot of “long-term” items that you infant will need, such as diapers, wipes, baby-sized silver wear and even baby medications. It might even be a good idea to request for gift cards at local retail superstores like Walmart or Costco. Here, baby products such as diapers are typically always relatively cheaper than other stores. Concentrating more on practical items that you will constantly need to restock (and that your child won’t grow out of) will definitely help you save more money in the future.

Does anyone else have any other great tips to save money?