Supplement Formula Feeding Benefits Over Pumping

bottle feed baby

It can be daunting to switch to an alternative milk source that doesn’t come directly from you. Formula feeding definitely takes a few trials to get right, but the fact that you won’t be breastfeeding shouldn’t deter you from formula feeding.

Formula feeding is a healthy alternative and certainly more convenient than the pump. Women with poor milk supply choose formula feeding over the pump for a variety of reasons listed below.


I’ve heard many women grieve about how exhausting the pump is. Formula feeding is premade and can be stored in batches overnight in your fridge.

Just note that premade formula is not recommended to be left in the fridge for more than four hours as bacteria can build up.

If this worries you, make one to two bottles, or set a two-hour timer so you don’t forget.

Just imagine that relieving feeling to being able to immediately stifle your young ones cries at any time and when they first happen.

More Freedom

Lets face it, breast pumping takes a lot time. This is not to mention how frustrating it can be.

Even with a good quality pump, YOU always have to be present and it has to work around your schedule.

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With the formula you can be an active mom on the go and leave the formula with your sitter or family member for him or her to prepare.

Did you know that formula isn’t digested as fast by babies in the first few months? This means less feeding times and less burden on you.

Equal Playing Field

With breastfeeding you can feel solely responsible for the health and livelihood of your baby. Its not unnatural for women to struggle with the pump and you shouldn’t feel like less of mother if breastfeeding doesn’t suit you for any reason.

Formula feeding gives the dad and other family members more of a chance to participate in the preparation of feeding the child.

This “equal playing field” is important both for you and others involved. This lets you know that all of the responsibility doesn’t fall on you and it lets others know that they can care for a child.

Overall, these are just the basics, more of a decision guide than anything else. Ultimately, the choice to breastfeed or use formula resides with the two parents.

Just remember that with whichever choice you choose that you are not alone. We all want our baby be able to grow up strong, feeling loved and cared for and being formula fed doesn’t subtract from that at all. Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, you should feel better apt to make a decision.