MyRegistry Combines All Baby Registries In One Place

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I had my kids before there were baby registries. Actually it was before everyone had access to the internet. Looking back, I had no idea what I was missing!

Then came along baby registries at Target and Walmart, and then online at Amazon. But what if you wanted some things from each place? The last baby shower that I held, I had to list all of the places that the mom-to-be was registered on the baby shower invitation so the guests knew they could choose.

I wish I had known about sooner! is a universal gift registry service that allows customers the option to choose items from ANY store in the world, online or offline. You can even sync other baby registries (i.e. Amazon, Target , Giggle, The Land of Nod  etc.) so all of the products registered for are available in one place.

Expecting moms (and dads) simply create their free registry at and after they “Add to MyRegistry” button to their browser’s bookmarks bar which is similar to a Pinterest pin but for registry, they can add gifts from any website online. They can even add items from stores that don’t have websites by scanning product barcodes from the products they want offline.

The cool part is that parents can also tastefully register for cash with because who can’t use cash?! A “Cash Gift Fund” can be set up for things like cord blood banking, baby’s college fund, a diaper service or other baby essentials.

Once parents register, they will receive a customized registry URL that they they can share on all social networks. They can even download and print registry announcements to the add to the traditional baby shower invitations.

And the best part is that isn’t just for baby showers. It can also be used for birthdays, holidays, weddings and more.

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