Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are exciting for the parents-to-be and those that are going to be celebrating the welcoming of the new baby. However, if youre stuck on what you should get the parents that is really going to be helpful, then you may need to consider some items out there. With everything that there is baby related, you might be at a loss for what the parents might actually need. Parents might have a wish-list of items that you can look at, but if they dont, here is a list of some of the best baby shower gift ideas out there to get those expecting parents-to-be.


Need we say more? When it comes to diapers and babies that need them, you can never have enough. When you want to take some of the burden off of what the parents have to purchase for this new bundle of joy, then diapers should be the gift that makes the top of the list. Consider the parents and which diapers they might prefer, since many different brands exist and go with something that fits with their likes. Dont forget to grab some extra baby wipes to go with the diapers!

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Strollers are a great option. If the parents are active, like to jog or need something rugged, using a jogging stroller might be more ideal for them. However, for those that like like strolls, shopping and just heading out on whatever hits them at the moment, a stroller with an attached carseat might be a better option. If the parents have a smaller vehicle though, you might want to consider umbrella strollers, since theyre easier to break down and bring with you in smaller spaces.

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Feeding Supplies

Bottles, spoons, bibs, bowls and more can all be welcome additions to the parents. Not only are they going to have to feed the baby, but if they dont receive these items during the baby shower, then theyre going to eventually have to purchase them. This is a great gift to give and you dont have to make it about a new baby, but you can get sippy cups or things that will help as baby grows, because they grow fast.

Breast Pump

If the mother-to-be is going to be breastfeeding, then she might want some down time. This means she is going to have to pump. If she is going back to work but wants to supply the baby with breast milk, she will need to use a breast pump to supply milk for her baby. This can be a big cost for her and if youre willing to spend a decent amount to get her a great breast pump one, then definitely go for this as a present. She will be grateful that you did. Another idea is to ask another person or couple of people to go in on the cost of one.

Gift Cards

When all else fails, consider gift cards. The parents can purchase anything that they didnt receive at the end of the party, plus you get them something that is useful. Consider purchasing cards for stores that are more versatile with what they can get. Skip baby strict stores and go with stores that provide a little bit of everything for the parent to choose from. This is a great way to not fail when it comes to choosing a baby gift that is going to be used and that it doesnt matter how many they get of.

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Some items that you might want to stay away from or purchase a little of are clothes, baby items that are unheard of and toys. Usually, everyone purchases an abundance of clothes and if you want too, then consider purchasing some larger sizes.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas