6 Tips To Make Your Own Homemade Baby Food

homemade baby food

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If you are a concerned parent who is worried about the health of your baby, then you may be wondering about how to make your own baby food? The main advantage of doing this is that you know exactly what is going into your child’s food, instead of being left in the dark about all of the added preservatives that go into baby food found in the supermarkets.

homemade baby food

Then there is the factor of cost. If you are on a tight budget, buying expensive pre-made baby food can quickly start to put a big hole in your wallet. In this kind of situation every penny counts, and once you learn how to make your own baby food, you can very quickly save a nice amount of money that can be used for other expenses.

Tips when making homemade baby food

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It is very important to have the highest level of hygiene when dealing with food that your baby is going to be eating. Make it a ritual to always fully clean your hands before handling any food, and also give the surfaces in your kitchen a good clean.


One of the advantages of making your own baby food is that you can make large batches at a time and then store away a large percentage of it. You should always aim to store any baby food as quickly as possible while it is still fresh. It is a good idea to put a date on each container so that you know exactly when the food was stored and when it should be eaten by.


You should aim to make the baby food as simple as possible and only use a tiny amount of seasoning or none at all. Getting the right temperature is also an important factor, so it should be your main aim to be certain that any baby food you are preparing is thoroughly cooked before serving. The same principle applies to when you are re-heating food as well. Always check the temperature so that you can be absolutely sure it is perfect.

Using fresh ingredients

One of the main reasons people want to know how to make their own baby food, is because they want to ensure that their baby is getting the freshest of ingredients for optimum health. Using a blender is a great way to make lots of tasty and fresh baby meals, and you can very easily purée fresh fruits and vegetables into a delicious meal. It sometimes takes a bit of work at first to get the right consistency, but once you get it right then it is simple and quick to prepare.

More convenient

As mentioned before, it is possible to make large batches of your own baby food at once, and then store it away for later use. This actually makes producing your own baby food much more convenient than buying it from the shops, as you can be in a situation where you have the majority of your babies meals planned out for the coming weeks ahead.

More control

One of the main reasons you may want to learn how to make your own baby food is control. You want to know exactly what goes into the food so it is as healthy and delicious as possible, and you may also be a little sceptical of the ingredients that are in baby food available at stores.

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Another good reason to make your baby food is if your baby has any allergies or food intolerances. This gives you the control to be absolutely sure that there is no trace of a certain food or ingredient that your baby may have a problem with.

How To Make Homemade Baby Food