9 Unusual Gifts For A Soon To-Be Mom

9 Unusual Gifts For A Soon To-Be Mom

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1. A Scrapbook For The First Five-Years Of Their Child’s Life

Those first five-years of a child’s life, they go by pretty fast! In this little scrapbook, you can put photos, drawings, write down little memories, and other precious mementos of those first five-years! This is a beautiful gift because it provides a space for storing the best moments of the first five-years of that child’s life. You can find many different kinds of scrapbooks made for this specific purpose. Some of the best ones you can find at regular Arts & Crafts stores, but these ones don’t have a specific theme, which gives you a lot more freedom to decorate!

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2. A Kodi Box

Raising children is expensive, let’s be honest here! It’s worth it, for sure, but it’s also very costly, and this means that you will, more than likely, have to cut out a few things. Cable is one of the easiest things to cut out, and you will save a LOT of money if you do so! Instead of using a cable box, you can purchase the soon to-be mom a “Kodi Box.” The best box for her depends a lot on what she enjoys watching and what kinds of streaming platforms she enjoys using/wants to use. There are so many options out there, it’s simply surprising that people continue to pay for a cable subscription when there are so many better alternatives available!

3. Milestone Baby Cards

These are little cards that mark specific milestones during the first year of her baby’s growth and development. These can be things like “Today, I Am One-Week Old,” or “Today, I Am One-Year Old.” They are very special because they allow her to remember those moments, date them, put little pictures inside the cards, and hold onto those memories forever as they are truly special memories!

4. A Good Camera

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people forget just how important it is for a mother to have a good camera. Pictures last forever, and when we get older, our memories often fade away. We remember less and less of those good, beautiful times when our babies were, well, still babies! This camera will ensure that she is able to hold onto those beautiful memories.

5. Good Pillows

Being pregnant is hard on your back and your neck. That’s why it’s very important to have some good pillows. Chances are, she already has some, and she’ll continue to use them even after she has her baby, because it usually takes a while for that to go away. Nonetheless, this is a nice, somewhat unusual, gift to give her, because it helps her maintain a healthy spine/neck and a sturdy posture.

SpineAlign Pillows
SpineAlign Pillows

6. A Nice Journal

Just as with the scrapbook idea, this allows her to record all of those memories and “first-times” that that are so heart-warming. Also, it allows her to relive her own feelings, ideas, and thoughts, so that she can make sense of it all. In essence, it’s like a private space for her to record how she is feeling and what’s going on.

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7. Discount Gift Cards – For Baby Clothes

You can find these gift cards all over the place and they come in handy because baby clothes aren’t cheap. Thus, this will allow her to save a considerable amount. You can pair them up with coupons, as well, for further savings.

8. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are these little spheres that consist of dry materials that, when they hit water, end up melting and turning into bubbles. These bubbles give off specific fragrances that are very appealing. According to some, it’s a very therapeutic experience. This is a perfect way for her to relax and “let go!”

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9. A Helping Hand

Being a mother isn’t the easiest job. It’s a great job, and very rewarding, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. One of the best gifts – and one of the most uncommon, believe it or not – is that of offering a helping hand. If she needs some help, be there for her!