7 Simple Tips To Help You Buy A Safe Baby Mattress

7 Simple Tips To Help You Buy A Safe Baby Mattress

It’s an overwhelming task for new mommies and daddies to buy big baby items like mattresses. New parents are likely to just have their first baby and know nothing about most baby products, not to mention baby mattresses. Baby crib mattresses aren’t like toys where you can just choose the ones that the baby likes. It has hundreds of thousands of options on the market, which are looking the same but may be totally different. Buying guides on the internet make choosing baby mattress complicated. Actually it’s an easy task because we all know baby safety is always what we parents care most. Follow tips below and you will know how to choose a safe crib mattress.

Tight-fitting mattress

A baby mattress should be fitting closely to the crib without too much clearance left along the side or end of the crib. Big gap tends to get baby trapped in it when he or she rolls over. Baby’s legs or feet are very likely to get stuck into it when standing or walking at the edges of the mattress. The gap between crib and mattress should be no more than 1 1/2 inches or two fingers. If you can fit more than two fingers into the gap, the mattress is too small.

Avoid soft mattress

When it comes to infant mattress firmness, just remember the firmer the safer. A softer mattress is no questionably comfortable and cozy, especially for us adults, but it could be a nightmare for baby. It increases the difficulty of baby moving and turning, and risk of suffocating when their face sinks into the mattress. Always choose a firm mattress for your baby.

Waterproof cover

A waterproof mattress cover is a must-have for daddies and mommies. It absorbs no moisture and protects the mattress from leaks and stains. It keeps the mattress in a good shape for a long time which is great for warranty and durability. The wipe-clean surface saves you a lot of time and hassle and helps you get baby back to bed faster.

Reputable certifications

You can’t tell a mattress by its cover. It’s more important to know what it’s made of. More and more people now are pursuing healthy and eco-friendly products but many mattresses including for baby use are still made with petrochemicals, chemical flame retardants, etc. Those materials are usually associated with cancer, organ damage and endocrine disruption. A safe and non toxic mattress means more to a baby. It’s important to make sure the mattress is certified to meeting all safety standards. When’re shopping baby mattress, choose ones with reputable certifications like ASTM, CPSC, JPMA and GreenGuard, which verify a mattress containing non toxic material.

Don’t choose organic mattresses

When you’re searching for a baby mattress, you must have found and heard mattresses named “organic”. Manufacturers claim organic mattresses are made of all natural or organic materials and they have no chemicals and toxic content harmful to baby. They’re advertised to be more eco-friendly and safer than all other types of mattresses. Their higher price seems to imply they’re greater. However, it’s a marketing stunt. The truth is there is no standard for organic mattresses. Most organic mattresses only refer to materials they use like cottons are grown organically. So don’t pay more for a gimmick. Just go for standard mattresses with certifications.

Don’t use air mattresses

CPSC report had shown that air mattress is too soft for baby and infants. It’s dangerous to leave a baby on air mattress because it causes suffocation in a face down position and some babies have died on it. Water beds and adult beds aren’t safe to baby either for the same reason. As we mentioned before, use a firm mattress designed for baby use.

Don’t use secondhand mattresses

Don’t just pick up a used mattress from Craigslist or someone you’re not familiar as you don’t know how the mattress was used. Some secondhand mattresses have a sag or indentation so they can’t provide enough support. But that’s not the main reason why you should avoid it. The biggest hazard a used mattress has is body fluids from the previous child may have leaked into it. Leaks or stains are likely lead to mold or bacterial growth, which increases risk of SIDS.

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