5 Ways How to Work Out Twin Rivalries from a Parent Perspective

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We all know that twins have been together in the womb of the mother from the very beginning. However, twins are also the ones who are always fighting with each other. They fight over the littlest of things up to the point that we think they are engineered that way. And when we think that the fighting can’t get any worse, wait until they became older. That is when the fight becomes more unmanageable.

There are lots of reasons why twins fight—maybe it’s because of jealousy, to catch attention or sometimes it maybe because they are bored (yes, I know, what the heck?). As parents, we would like to know how we can reduce these twin rivalry. How can we stop them from fighting and killing one another? Indeed, it is just common for twins to have a rivalry between them however we should stop it before things get out of hand.

How should we do this? Here are some tips:

1. Give time to the twins separately. Give each of them your quality time. Play games, talk about things, cook together or go shopping together. By doing this, you will make them feel loved without the competition and jealousy that will arise when you do these things with both of them. Once they feel loved, they will feel happier hence they will not fight with each other. Since they got what they want (your attention), there will be no reason for them to fight again. Also, being away from each other the whole day will make them miss their twin. They will understand the importance of one another.

2. Reward their good behavior.
Tell them that you will give them a prize if they wouldn’t fight for a day. As time goes by, extend the time that you will tell them. Tell them to start fighting for a few more days, weeks and so. Once they have achieved that, give them their prize—toys, a day at the park or anything they want. You’ll see that they will get motivated by their rewards that they will stop fighting even if you don’t reprimand them anymore.

3. Get rid of things that is the root of all their fights. For example, the fight started because they both like a new toy or that they both want to learn this and that. As a result, they will not have something fight over with.

4. Stop comparing. When you compare, you are instilling jealousy and insecurity on your children’s hearts. This is the reason why they will never get along in the near future. So, do your part and treat both of your child equally.

5. Teach them how to work out things without hurting or yelling at each other. Let them watch movies that will teach them that.

6. Be a good example. Also, you can show them how to constructively work things out by being a good example yourself. Never let them hear you shout at your husband. Always be calm and collected when you are fixing a dispute.

7. Lastly, if all else fails, Ignore. Sometimes, they will fight just to get your attention. If you try to ignore them and not give them what they want, they will stop fighting.

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