Saving Precious Memories of Babies Is Easier Than You Think

The most treasured gift is watching your child grow up. What’s even more precious is using Verbatim DVD–R to burn those memories into a DVD so you can look at them any time you want. You can make copies and send them out to friends and family. You can easily save photos, videos, of your babies most treasured moments – forever!

One of the best items technology has brought us is DVDs. The shear amount of what you can burn to a DVD might be several of your photo albums and all your videos of your baby’s first moments. Just imagine that first step or first word can be repeated over and over again. Not to mention passing it down to the baby’s children. Everyone is sure to watch your child’s first everything. No one will miss another moment of your child’s life when you use a Verbatim DVD –R SL to record everything they do.

Of course, your baby might not appreciate it when they get older but when they have their children they will understand why you recorded everything they did and burned it to a DVD. When you use a Verbatim DVD –R you know you’re going to have crystal clear images come back at you when you watch the DVD. They come in 50 packs as well as 100 packs. That’s a lot of recording of your babies. You’ll have to work extra hard at taking picture so you can fill up the entire DVD media.

When you use Verbatim DVD’s you won’t have to worry about photos fading or someone recording over your DVD. Unless they are re-recorder DVD you can only record on them once. They come as big as 8GB and as small as 250 MB. They have different sizes from full size DVD to 3 inch business card size discs. You can make a recording of your baby and hand them out to everyone. Of course, it will depend on the person you’re giving them to if they watch it or not.

Of course, you can find them just about anywhere online or at your local department store such as Wal-Mart, or K-Mart. The best way to purchase Verbatim DVD –R discs is to find the 100 packs. To see how well they perform you can go to a Verbatim DVD R SL blank media forum and ask the experts.

You can customize your DVD media with any of the burning software that’s out. You’ll be able to make labels, create menus, add images, and just about anything you want to do with a DVD. You can even use them for target practice if they burn wrong. That’s one of the disadvantages of single burning DVDs. If, for some reason they don’t burn correctly then they won’t play in any DVD player. The only thing you can do then is to use them as coaster or target practices. Of course, the kids can use them as Frisbees. You get a lot of use out of Verbatim DVD discs for saving and sharing your baby’s memories.

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