5 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Little Girls

5 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Little Girls

We live in a fast paced world full of distractions and tasks but our most important goal should be spending quality time with our children. There are countless activities that are fun for both you and your little girls and will lead to cherished memories.

Build Something!

One of the best ways to spend time together is to construct a fort. The options are endless considering you can build a fort inside with blankets and cushions, head outside and use large sticks to construct a lean to, or, of course, build a snow fort in the winter. Building a fort together will provide laughs, learning, and bonding. The act of building a fort is fun in itself but after you can enjoy hours of entertainment playing in it!

Pretty Nails

A second option for spending quality time with your little girls is the classic manicure and pedicure. Take turns doing each other’s nails in different colors and designs. You can even try to get a lot of unique colors like those from Enchanted Polish to help make your nails really stand out. Your girls will definitely love being able to get pampered all day.

Complete Puzzles Together

Another wonderful activity is working on puzzles together. There are appropriate puzzles for any age and many interests to choose from as well. In addition to being a fun way to spend time together, doing puzzles is great for fine motor skills and problem solving skills. You can even get educational puzzles that feature the solar system or the United States in order to help your little girls benefit even further from completing puzzles.

Lend a Hand

A fourth activity to do together will not only benefit your children but also brighten someone else’s day. By visiting a hospital or nursing home, you are teaching your little girls the importance of volunteering and giving. You could also incorporate other bonding activities along with volunteering (i.e. create a card together to bring to a patient or gather a bouquet of flowers for someone to place in their room).

Get Cooking!

Finally, do some cooking together! Bake bread, make cookies, or make a pizza. Your little girls will love measuring, choosing add-ins or toppings, and helping around the kitchen. And, of course, the best part is eating the results.

All in all, there are endless options for spending quality time with your little girls. There are tons of fun things to do, but just remember that the time is more important than the activity. You and your girls will love anything you do as long as you’re together.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.