5 Essential Baby Shower Gifts

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baby shower gifts

Having kids is a milestone in every couples lives, no exceptions. So many thoughts surface when couples start talking about have kids. Some may even raise a pet before they choose to raise a child of their own. But one thing is for sure, having a child of your own is the most amazing experience you will ever have.

One thing is for certain, men if you knock the Mrs. up, for the next nine months you are going to be that special person that stands by her side guiding her through everything. You will experience new challenges that for the most part might not come with a training guide. On the bright side there are plenty of gifts that come your way that prepare you once the little stinker becomes part of the family.

That’s right I am talking about the baby shower, below are 5 essential baby shower gifts and they all fall under $50 and can be found at nearly any Baby Gifts Outlet.

Baby Medicine

When you hold that baby in your arms for the first time you swear you aren’t going to let anything hurt him or her, but unfortunately there are things you cannot control. It is natural for your baby to catch a cold, it needs to build its immunities at an early age. However when the time comes, its normally 2am in the morning and your aren’t prepared. Help those moms out by providing them with a few medicines, Infant Tylenol Balmex, Oragel, and Pedialyte.

Sleepers & Onesies

Lets face it, babies sleep a lot! They want to be comfortable all the time so if you can help it try to resist from buying all those cute outfits for little baby boys and girls. Chances are most of the time those outfits just sit in the closet and go on worn until they grow out of them. There are plenty of adorable onesies out there that are just as adorable!

Swaddling Blankets

Speaking of comfort, babies love to be swaddled in comfortable blankets and held nice and tight to their mommy’s and daddy’s. Some babies may even find it hard to sleep if they aren’t being tightly swaddled. These blankets are also great to roll around on the floor with and covering up when the baby is feeding. The uses for these blankets go on and on, which is why they are such a perfect gift for expecting moms and dads!


An obvious gift but commonly over looked is diapers. Babies seem to have accidents so many times a day that it just seems unreal. A word of advice if you are going to give diapers as a gift I recommend purchasing size 1 or 2 as the newborn sizes don’t always fit the newborn. Babies grow so fast in the first few months that chances are they will out grow that box of diapers in about 2 weeks that is if they last that long. Or if you want to spruce up your gift idea, take it to the next level and get a diaper cake for the baby shower. Not only is it filled with yummy cake that everyone can enjoy but it also comes with a diaper filling. Try not to let that image scare you I realize now it doesn’t sound very appetizing.

Gift Cards For Carry Out

When that baby comes home for the first time you quickly realize just how hard it is to accomplish some of the essential daily tasks such as cooking. Gift cards from restaurants that offer carry out or curb side pick up, or better yet delivery will always come in handy. A hungry parent is a stressed parent which is the last thing the baby needs so give them some piece of mind.

I hope all these gift ideas are useful. And hey if your looking for a theme to the baby shower don’t be shy share it in a printable invitation. They are simple and creative, just go online and upload an image of something cute like the ultrasound image of the baby to the card and tell everyone your pregnant!

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