4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Youngster’s New Mattress

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Youngster’s New Mattress

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4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Youngster’s New Mattress

Nothing signifies your child is growing up like their first bed. Moving them from a crib to a big kid bed is an exciting phase for both of you. Often, the momentous occasion of their first bed arrives before they are fully toilet trained. You may be concerned they will ruin their brand new mattress. Here are a few tips that will help protect your child’s new mattress and make the transition to a big kid bed less stressful for both of you.

Nighttime Diapers

During those formative years between diapers and learning how to use the bathroom, your kid will not always wake up when nature calls. There are special disposable diapers for these situations that look and feel like underwear but have the absorbency of regular diapers. Get your child used to the idea that these are not meant to be soiled. If they know to treat them like regular underwear, they will be less likely to wet the bed and spoil the mattress.

Complicated Pajamas

If you have a child that is a restless sleeper, you know that sometimes they pull off their clothes while sleeping. This often includes diapers that you have put on them as a precaution. You can make it more difficult for them to strip in their sleep by putting them to bed in pajamas that are hard to take off. There are a lot of cute pajamas with feet available in characters that kids love. Footie pajamas are hard to remove even for the most restless of sleepers. Make it fun for your child by letting them choose their own pajamas. For the summer months, put your child in a onesie similar to the type they wore as a baby. These will keep them cool, but are difficult to accidentally remove while sleeping.

Mattress Protection

The first line of defense in keeping your child’s mattress in top notch condition is physical protection. Depending on how likely they are to wet the bed, you can adjust the layers of protection you add to their mattress. Buying an absorbent mattress cover to put as a base layer under the sheets is generally sufficient for older children who only have an accident every once in a while. If you are a parent who is transitioning your child from a crib to their first bed, you might want to have several layers of protection on their first mattress. A waterproof sheet under a mattress protector and a disposable pad on top of the sheets are usually a safe bet for preserving the pristine condition of the mattress.

A Strict Routine

Keeping your child on a strict bedtime routine is a good way to train their body to use the restroom at certain times. Avoid giving your child anything to drink at least an hour before their bedtime. Make it a habit to go to the bathroom right before climbing into bed. Even if they don’t have to go, getting them into the habit of using the toilet directly before bed can prevent accidents in the middle of the night. Practicing these bedtime habits every night will train them to think of going potty as something only done in the bathroom. Be sure to celebrate each each morning your child awakes to a clean bed. Let them choose a treat or fun activity as a reward.

Using these methods to protect your child’s new mattress will keep it in good condition during the years when they are learning how to control their body. They can practice getting up to go potty in the night and you can rest easy knowing that if they have an accident it will not ruin your furniture.