4 Safety Precautions To Look For When Picking A Child Care Center

4 Safety Precautions To Look For When Picking A Child Care Center

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A WebMD article titled “Choosing Child Care Service” points out that quality child care is not readily available: “’The majority of available care isn’t high quality,’ cautions child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.”4 Safety Precautions To Look For When Picking A Child Care CenterParents need to keep several important things in mind when choosing a child care center for young children. Below we’ll discuss various aspects you should remember when looking for a safe space for your child.


Private daycare centers might not be licensed with the state where they operate. In fact, they can be fairly casual. State-operated daycare facilities, on the other hand, must meet certain standards to maintain certification and licensure. Although unlicensed daycare is often less expensive than the certified centers, they sometimes have fewer policies in place to protect children with regards to hygiene, security, and other features. Parents should check the licensure to ensure it is up-to-date. Online reviews may also post rule infractions or policy violations of various centers, many of which have been addressed, or will be. Knowing in advance can help parents to keep a watchful eye, however.

Teacher Credentials

Daycare staff may hold college degrees in early childhood education or a related field. However, some have only a high school diploma or GED. Others may have incomplete secondary education. All should be trained in daycare child care techniques, so it is important to ask the director about staffing to ensure this is the case. Some childcare employees must complete annual training on topics like identifying signs of child abuse or healthy nutrition. Parents should ask to see if and how employees are trained. It may be a good idea to do an online background check with CRB Direct.


Video cameras in classrooms or hallways is important. Secured entrances are common in licensed centers, but may not be required in unlicensed facilities. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sensors have also become standard features at many daycare centers. Parents should find out how the center would handle an armed intruder or suspect.

Healthy And Safety

A first aid kit, staff safety training, and nutritious menus are important basics in this category. Playground protocols and discipline emergency directives should be clearly posted to guide teachers and visiting parents in case a problem develops.Hopefully parents will find a safe center. If your child is injured at the center, it is important you know your rights. You may consider consulting a trip and fall attorney to get answers to the legalities of the situation. However, hopefully by using the tips above you can better avoid any future injuries.