5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

Watching your children’s dental health decline is jarring. Chances are that you know how important dental hygiene is for the health of the teeth and the health of the body. Instead of allowing your kids to walk down this dangerous path, start to motivate them now.

Explain the Consequences

At some point, your kids have probably asked for a reason why they have to care for their teeth. You might have shrugged off the inquiry and just told them to do it. When your children don’t know how serious of a problem a lack of dental care is, you can’t expect them to be afraid of it. This method can work particularly well for older children. For example, you may want to show them pictures of what can happen when teeth are improperly cared for.

Create a Reward Chart

While teaching your kids that they get a prize whenever they do what they are supposed to has some deleterious effects, reward charts are useful in the modern world. Do not give them a reward for every time they brush their teeth. However, when they have cared for their teeth without protest for a number of days or weeks in a row, give them a prize.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Maybe you’ve noticed that your kids tend to listen more deeply to other people than to you. Schedule an appointment with the dentist; explain the issues that you have been experiencing with encouraging proper dental care. When the dentist talks to your children, they may be more receptive to the suggestions.

Find a Kid-friendly Dental Office

Another problem might be that your kids don’t feel comfortable at the dentist. Find a clinic who specializes in pediatric care, such as Matthews Smiles Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry. By doing so, you have a greater chance of stronger rapport between your children and the dentist. Some kid-friendly dental offices may even host events for the patients on an annual basis. Children can also make friends with one another in the waiting room.

Provide Options

Some children have issues with control, and they don’t like being told what to do. While they need to learn to follow instructions, you can do so in the context of providing options. You may offer a few different styles of toothbrushes or a few different flavors of toothpaste. In fact, go to the store together to purchase the supplies to make them feel as though they are a greater part of the process.

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Motivating your kids to care for their teeth now is pivotal. Doing so can inspire them to retain the good practices throughout their lives.