4 Bad Childhood Habits To Address Before The Teen Years

4 Bad Childhood Habits To Address Before The Teen Years

Some people believe children are a direct reflection of their parentage. Sometimes, when a parent chooses to discipline their child and give them sound advice, the child learns what they should do. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a parent can do all they can and a child will still refuse to listen. Even still, it is up to the parent to be the moral authority of their child. While they are young, there are a few childhood habits to abolish before they develop and mature in the teenage years. Work on eliminating as many bad childhood habits as possible before the teen years.

Temper Tantrums

When a child has a temper tantrum in the grocery store, onlookers usually try to act like they don’t notice because it is a child. However, it is embarrassing for everyone to witness. It gets even worse to see a teenager or an adult throwing a temper tantrum to get their way. Temper tantrums repel people and simply aren’t attractive habits to have. They are a source of manipulation and no one likes to be manipulated. In order to get rid of the habit, it will require the parent to stand their ground, no matter what the situation is. The child must learn that temper tantrums aren’t allowed.


Stealing is very serious. Not only is it an inconsiderate act, it is a crime punishable by law. When a child steals a piece of candy from the store, take it seriously. Children need to understand that stealing isn’t okay and they can go to jail for it. If a friend of the family is an attorney, consider asking them to take some time out to explain how serious shoplifting is and what happens when people shoplift. For instance, professionals, like those at Surrey criminal defense lawyers, know that retaining a lawyer can help ensure that the consequences of being charged are minimized.  If needs be, you could even show children pictures of jail cells and people in jail.  It might be a little extreme, but if a child isn’t getting the point, this might be a good measure to take.


Lying isn’t a habit any child should get into the habit of keeping. When a person lies habitually, it is difficult for them to keep friends and gain the trust of others. When a child tells a lie, force them to admit it. Don’t brush it off as a “white lie”. Whether it is the loss of certain privileges or a time-out, make sure children experience a type of punishment to help reinforce the seriousness of the matter.


Unlike the others on the list, thumb-sucking is not a crime. While it is common to many children, it is also an unattractive habit to keep. Keep in mind that it isn’t very sanitary either. Getting a child to stop thumb-sucking might take a little patience and might involve the purchase of braces in later years. Therefore, try different tactics to help a child grow out of this habit.

Even for adults, habits are difficult to break. Imagine how much more challenging it might be for a child. However, it is better to break bad habits while a person is young and beneath the law. Take the hard road now and the child will be grateful in the long run.

4 Bad Childhood Habits To Address Before The Teen Years

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