Due Date: How To Prepare For Your Third Trimester

Third Trimester Pregnancy Photo

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Third Trimester Pregnancy PhotoPregnancy produces a wide range of emotions for families, from the first excited moments upon learning of the pregnancy, to the anxious waiting of the second trimester when you can learn the baby’s gender. However, no trimester is as full of change as the third when women become increasingly uncomfortable, and are filled with more fears and doubts. Knowing how to prepare for the third trimester can place many of these fears to rest.

Create a Birth Plan

A birth plan provides a detailed account of how you would like the labor and delivery process to go. It should detail the type and amount of medications used, as well as when having an epidural would be acceptable. It should also include such things as acceptable types of relaxation and monitoring, as well as how the baby should be cared for following delivery.

Special Prenatal Checkups

Prenatal appointments pick up during the final trimester, and most midwives and physicians see their expecting patients at least every two weeks. This is the time to schedule special examinations that may be needed, such as the biophysical profile, and the non-stress test, which are both noninvasive tests that require the help of someone who has passed the mandatory sonography programs.

Understand Typical Symptoms

A great deal of anxiety can be dismissed when women in their third trimesters know what symptoms to expect. Many women experience minor Braxton Hicks contractions, as well as heartburn, fatigue, stretch marks, and lower back pain. Symptoms to have checked out by a physician include heavy vaginal bleeding, extremely swollen limbs, and rashes.Say GOOD-BYE Forever to Stretch Marks!


Despite all the important preparations to be made, rest is just as vital to having a great third trimester. Women may need to take afternoon naps due to fatigue, or may need to put their feet up for a time every day. A physician should be consulted to determine if, or when women will need to begin a maternity leave for their own health as well as the health of the child.

The third trimester may be known for some of the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, but it is also the time of greatest preparation. While women need to focus on keeping themselves and their babies healthy, and on preparing their homes and lives for a new little one, they should be careful not to spend all their time in hectic preparations. Some rest and reflection can be good for the body and soul.