Workout For Two: 5 Exercises For Pregnant Mommas

Workout For Two: 5 Exercises For Pregnant Mommas

Exercise during pregnancy is crucial – and the ideal footpath to faster postpartum recovery and weight loss. It improves sleep, reduces pains and aches and boosts mood. It also prepares a mother for childbirth by building endurance and strengthening muscles. According to research, exercise also lowers the risk of contracting pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists notes the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy but advises on some modifications to exercise programs because of the normal physiologic and anatomic changes as well as fetal requirements.

Visit a fitness expert such as the Halevy Life for advice on the best exercise program for mothers. Here is a list of five simple pregnancy exercises to get you moving.


According to research done in Thailand, a group of 74 first-time mothers who practiced prenatal yoga experienced little pain and shorter labor. Yoga can tone your muscles and make you flexible with little or no impact on the joints. However, to work your heart, you may need to add a swim, dance or walk several times a week.


Walking will keep you fit without jilting your ankles and knees. The best part is that you can do your walking anywhere and it doesn’t require any special equipment other than a good pair of running shoes. Walking throughout the nine months of pregnancy is also safe.

Weight training

Weight training is an excellent way to strengthen and tone your muscles. Prenatal weight training will prepare you for that entire baby lifting that you will be doing soon! However, it is important to take the necessary preventive measures by using the correct technique that is controlled movements. As a safety precaution, lift half of the weight you are used to and do more repetitions to get a solid workout still.


Fitness experts and health care providers attest that swimming is the safest and best exercise for pregnant women. When you swim, a large muscle group including the legs and arms get used. Swimming can be especially beneficial to mothers with lower back pain. It reduces swelling, provides cardiovascular benefits and makes you feel weightless despite the extra pounds. Shop maternity swimsuits.


Stretching is an excellent way of getting your body warmed up and relaxed. This exercise makes you more flexible, loosens your muscles and relieves pregnancy pains and aches. Stretching also improves the body’s range of motion and this prepares the mother for the severity of childbirth. It is also an excellent way to release stress and relax. Incorporate stretching into your cardiovascular exercise regime to have a complete workout.

Exercise in pregnancy is about maintaining your fitness and not making fitness gains. While you are supposed to avoid some things such as horseback riding and scuba diving, there is little that a pregnant woman can’t do. It is, however, important to warm up before you begin any exercise.

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